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    So I've done the HID route and am building a new box that will allow the lights to be MUCH closer to the leaves without having to worry about heat at all. It's 17Dx34Wx40H and can accommodate 3 plants up to 20" tall.

    The light setup is 7 CFLS (28W) and 2 LED panels (14W) with red/blue bulbs
    The CFL reflectors are red party cups
    There are 5 case fans total for ventilation

    Total cost of ALL electronics for this box:
    Total wattage:





    I want to try a low-heat grow in this thing, I like it because its very small and uses only 272 watts with all lights/fans on and only 20 watts with all fans on.

    With LST and topping my plants will stay short enough to live in here probably their whole lives and I'm considering leaving them in the minibox during flowering to see how it performs, I'd just switch out the CFLs to 2700ks and 12/12 lighting.

    The 7 CFL light rig is a bit of an experiment, I'm not sure how hot these things will be inside such a small space. It's just 7 of these staggered and hung so I can move them easily up or down.

    The main improvement I'm looking to compare to HID is the proximity of the lights. I can get both the CFL rig and LED panels within an inch of the plants the whole time without burning them so hopefully I'll have a nice even canopy. If all goes well this box would probably be the perfect size for a "real" LED grow light if I eventually go that route.

    Any feedback would be appreciated, I'd rather figure these things out before it's full of plants :)

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