New Mike Fro bowl & faceted chillum

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  1. Just picked these up recently. I picked up the bowl from a local dementia yesterday. I have always loved Fro's work, and decided to pick up this 18mm bowl. i liked the white crown on the top that looks like eyes with the black in the center.

    I picked up this mike fro faceted chillum a few days ago while in Chico, and decided to stop into the chico kush store, which was a pretty cool little store. very nice people working, and their in store prices seemed to be a little cheaper, plus the fact that they will cut deals with u in store made it even better.

    anyways, here are the pictures, let me know what you think(and yes, i realize i need to clean that bong, haha) :smoke:
    oh, and i got the bowl for $60, and the chillum for $70

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  2. Nice purchase! That bowl piece is real nice, cool colors.
  3. Loving the bowl, and I wouldn't mind the chillum either ;)
  4. Nice! Loving the colors on that bowl and the shape of the chillum
  5. Nice chillum and slide yo... just picked up a chillum for myself today also, as for the bong... ehhh, lol jk, the new slide and tube look very nice together! good stuff amigo

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