New Microscope for checking mould

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by gregger, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. I bought this 1000x digi microscope from ebay and its actually pretty good, it was cheap too.

    Can someone confirm whether Hash is supposed to look like this? I see white hairs, is this normal? Can Hash go mouldy?

    Also a pic of some white hairs on the bud stem, is this ok? This is from some Blue Cheese I have at the moment.

    Being in the UK we suffer from mouldy weed sometimes as growers don't let is cure as long as they should, I'm assuming as they are in a panic to get rid of it...

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  2. You Americans are now awake, I'm counting on one of you to reply :)
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  3. You can use your eyes too.
  4. Thanks, I didn't realise...
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  5. The stuff is fine, mould is furry.
    Those white streaks are just contaminate's from something else...
  6. Thanks for confirming that man. I smoked the hash last night and the high took a long time to kick fully in (Id say 40mins via glass pipe) but the high was clean, I didnt get the headache and dizzyness I have done with mouldy gear before.

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