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New Michigan Laws? wtf?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by jang707, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Michigan Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Illegal, State Supreme Court Rules 4-1

    I am really surprised I am not seeing the boards being blown up over this. The way i am reading the article, it will now be illegal for caregivers to collect donations for meds in Michigan. That's fine and all, but who is going to spend thousands of dollars on equipment to just give free meds out to everybody? I spend a lot of time and money to make sure i am growing the best meds i possibly can. i don't mind helping people out in need, but i need to cover my costs and make it worth my time and the risks...They make it sound like its only impacting dispensaries, but the way it applies to all caregivers as well... Anybody else think this is garbage?
  2. So now they made it so the only way to get your meds is by going back to the black market......
  3. pretty much, it just seems to me that now everything they worked to build up to protect patients and caregivers they crushed with this decision.
  4. So do all the dispensaries have to close down and when does this take affect
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    yes this makes all dispensaries open to prosecution and will force them to shut down as of today. Montana basically did the same thing a couple months ago which is why most montana patients grow their own or have been moving to Washington.
  6. Well just talked to someone who is pretty involved with a good bit of dispensaries in the 810 area and he said that its decided on by the county
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  7. I think after reading a few articles that caregivers can still receive compensation, you just can't operate through a dispensary setting
  8. I spoke to soon... wow that is some bullshit
  9. guy, this means you have to pay the fee to get your caregiver on your card. i am registered though the state with my caregiver. it said they have 26,000 registered caregivers that can still sell to you (if you pay the fee and get approved by the state). i have my caregivers info on the back of my card. this just applys to stores like compassion clinics and such.
  10. No more dispensaries is idiotic. I don't have the room to grow for myself, and in my area you have to know a guy that knows a guy to find a caregiver.

    Guess it's back to getting it through a "dealer". Way to ruin a good thing michigan.
  11. This law opens up the opportunity for prosecutors to fine/remove dispensaries by citing them as a 'public nuisance'.

    What Schuette seems to forget is that 63% (The MAJORITY) of constituents in Michigan view this as a non issue. How can it be a public nuisance if the public WANTS it?

    63% of the people voted FOR the usage of marijuana; how is this supposed to make it more accessible or easier to obtain for the patients that need it?

    Actually, it means that you are limited to buying solely from your caregiver, if Schuette's interpretations aren't completely ignorant.
  12. Just read a good sum of the bill, as well as any additional information i could find. It seems that it doesn't necessarily make dispensaries illegal, however they can be challenged as a nuisance and be taken down. Patient to patient transfers are now illegal, as well as just buying from some random caregiver off craigslist. You have to actually be signed up to the caregiver, and is allowed to receive compensation for the production and set up, not the marijuana itself.

  13. Pretty much.

    The only issue I have with the way shit works now, is that there is no quality control. People pour all this poison into their plants and give/sell it to patients with health issues already, compounding them.

    When MI opens it's exchange (How much you wanna bet they do?) I'm going to get licensed and have my operation inspected the day it does, in order to stay ahead of the curve, so to speak.
  14. For anyone near the Kalamazoo/Calhoun County area, The Karmacy which has never operated as a dispensary, but a non-profit research facility where you can donate money for medicine, is STILL OPEN. The new judgement by the supreme court does NOT affect The Karmacy and the township they reside in is not against them being there. Look them up, best place to get your medicine and they aren't getting shut down anytime soon!
  15. This is so dumb, luckily I have a CG but what if something happens to his crop and he's dry for a month or two.. Then I have to revert to a my "guy" again selling over priced mids. Fuckin A this is stupid.
  16. Sometimes things become harder before they get easier. I think this is the case with the Michigan Marijuanna laws. I believe in the positive health benefits of marijanna and offer certification Rochester Michigan. We are certifying new patients and renewing cards. Currently there are special prices on our website if you happen to be in the area.
    Progressive Medical Management
  17. I have two places I go to, and both are still operating. One dropped their prices by almost half, but not sure that's a good sign in the long run.
  18. All 3 shops i frequent in the Lansing area are opened. From what i got talking to them they to claim to be private caregivers and thus new law dosent affect them. They say because they operate on donations they aren't subject to that law. My only question is they can call it donations all they want but at the end if the day I'm giving them money for marijuana, and having no affiliation with them as my care giver. I love their services but the whole"donations" thing seems bogus to me.
  19. So you can still grow cannabis yourself right? I mean I know some of you are in no condition for that sort of work, but you can designate a caregiver and it is legal under state law, correct? Why not designate the place you buy cannabis from as your caregiver and help them, and yourself.
  20. When I first read this title I read it really fast and I thought it was referring to a place called New Michigan, like New York and New Hampshire. I was like, "What the hell happened to old Michigan", and then I realized I was stupid haha.

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