New MGW Stemless Double Perc Broken/Defective HELP!

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  1. You should start a new thread. With that much $$ you could get something REALLY nice.

  2. No they are absolutely not. No one at mgw is tooling joints, you get those fuckers cheap as shit if you buy as many as a tube company does, why would they do that in house? The only production tube company around right now making their own joints is honalee (us tubes).

    And mgw seems to use a variety of joints, some are absolutely chineese.
  3. Proof or stfu.
  4. They are chinese, whats the big deal? The price reflects that, its a prodo. They are assembled in America, lots of companies do that. Toro joints are chinese too...

  5. Oh please. I tool joints every single day. I know the difference between American and chineese standard taper ground glass joints.

    Shit, take a look at this. this is the wall of joint forming tools next to my bench at work.


    When I walk into my lhs to unload a case I take a look around, and yes, some of their joints are chineese.

    It's not even a bad thing really, the qc is meh but some of those chineese children pump out some monster joints..

    Take a look at these i just got, made in china..


    Anyway, like it or not, those tubes occasionally feature china with it
  6. ^puffin's right. cool place to work btw.

    call or email alt, tell them the situation. i'm sure they will return it.

    i would upgrade to a different company. i don't mind mgw but not my choice for perc tubes. if i wanted a good, cheaper beaker or straight i would probably go with them.

  7. Depends on what you can get just about anything for that price. I would honestly contact a custom blower, maybe DWB, and tell him exactly what you want. If not that then an SG with a great A/C maybe, 2010bc...anything you like...
    If I were you and were looking to get something really awesome I would gt the SG king stemline, a gridded circ A/C (i know 2011bc and GMD make them, probably a few others) and spend the rest of the 200 on stuff to smoke out of it.

  8. I'd really like to know how to spot a chinese joint vs an american/german joint. The ground joint on my current piece is Schott Duran but I know I've owned chinese glass before (cough*zob*cough). Would you care as to teach me the ways of inspecting joints? haha :smoke:
  9. that's one way to look at it, but i say screw ashcatchers. just clean your tube often (should with any high end) and change water. the a/c is only good for an extra chamber, which isn't needed.

    i've had them made by toro, vg, etc i think they're a waste of money. i still have one not being used.

    then spend money on something with a perc (maybe double perc, but i'm not a fan). stemline to 12 arm or 8 arm, 4.0 12 arm, toro 8 arm 7 arm, toro circ circ etc

    the king stemline is great, don't get me wrong. if it were me i would want a single chamber tube for a daily driver, so i would probably go with that. but if you're a fan of a perc or more, you might as well get one with a perc.
  10. ^ LOL


  11. It all comes from working with them daily. Different companies use different forming tools and many of them have slight variances around the lip of the joint. Another factor is quality of grind. American and German joints are ground to 600 grit to ensure they can be used in high vacuum apparatus, while most import joints only go to 2-400 and usually don't cover the entire taper. You can spot shoddy grinding near the bottom of most chineese joints( though there are several places out there making them and the quality varies between them (not to mention from batch to batch)
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    I don't think so unless they make thier own which they dont, either US ,German Chinese or Indian
    They are made hundreds of different ways and little differences
  13. Good to know puffin'. Thats some really useful advice, i've noticed after graduating from chinese glass to american/german that my arty bowl pieces seem to just sit better in the joint and give a completely airtight lock. It's funny how crappy joints sometimes whistle or make soft sounds from all the neg pressure in the piece.
  14. I got a Magic glass with a really nice tank joint, or maybe bistabil (german made). I am honestly extremely surprised that they aren't offered on all High end brands. It makes a huge difference.

    Pic for reference, sorry for dirty old pic lol.

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  15. I got some 9mm thick joints recently and they are INSANE!

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