New MGW 22in Showerhead (pics and Youtube video)

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  1. Hi Blades and fellow glassheads, its Kenny here.  Great forum you guys have here!!!
    MGW showerhead perc beaker base, 22in, 6mm glass, proprietary showerhead design - on sale for $340.
    anyone has anything similar care to share their experiences with this piece?
    picked this up over a Medicali 15in 8arm tree that was $350.  Zob 18in 8-arm tree beaker was only $269, but it had a thin base, and the trees were off by like a 2 degree angle (the glass shop guys told me that Zobs were more mass produced and have had QA issues).
    also picked up an oilrig for a great deal - unbranded $90 because it has a 1/2cm surface scratch.  Also picked up a $40 female slide bowl adapter for the oilrig, got great ventilation.  Also a $30 domeless quartz nail that's very easy to use. 
    check out the pics and the youtube vid.  if you got time, check out my other youtube vids.  Also have a Silika 18in straight tube with unbranded honeycomb a/c:
    (blew half my paycheck, but hey scientific glass is a great hobby!)
    see pics in attachment and video link:

    Have a great weekend guys, look forward to being a lifelong Blade!!!

  2. just letting you know you could of bought it off alt for 275..
    and why a reducer and expander?

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