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  1. anybody ever try anything new and great? i.e. frozen strawberries/other fruits in the ice pinch instead of ice? how did it go? do you continue to do it?

  2. I have used a frozen fruit medley I tasted good but was a real pain to clean the perk trees
  3. hmm otherr thaan apple pipes andd the occasional flavored water, good ol' bong is a classic.
  4. Tried water in my bong yesterday. Holy shit it works so much better!
  5. my bong with the perks i only ever use regular ice... of course i have those friends that dump dr. pepper in their bongs with perks and then wonder why the thing is so damn hard to clean lmao
  6. I prefer just water in my bong. If you need gimmicks to enjoy the bud then you just need better budSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    I have used frozen strawberries in place of ice with mids before, haven't in a long time. It worked and didn't fuck up my bong at all. And yes I continued to do it with doesn't hurt anything and it does give a fresh strawberry flavor. I only use ice when smoking dank though..I love the taste. Haven't smoked mids in quite awhile  :hello:
  8. Personally I would never put anything other than water in my bong, I think that would cause stickiness and sugar buildup that will never come out. Ice is great :)
  9. I thought about coconut water..then I thought about sugar. I then filled the bong with H20, both frozen and liquid, and bboy was it great!
  10. Almost frozen bottled water.

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