New Method To Weed Out The Underage And Minors Here?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Superjoint, May 29, 2013.

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    Before registering anyone who fails this test, cannot enter the city, good idea????

  2. Lmfao.......
    Nether one has a very long shelf life......
    oh man, those were the days. i remember my mom having a giant case with like 100 cassettes in her car, it was the absolute best music of the 80's and early 90's haha
  4. I'd fail the shit out of this regardless.
    Those days when we switched casette's were great though i can't agree that 80's and 90's have the best music. Nothing can be compared to 60's and 70's imo 
  6. I believe the connection, was when the tape got eaten up by the player, you would use the pen to wind it back into the cassette. I'm 54. Old school.
  7. i always just used my finger
  8. I think a better age test would be " what was the pet peeve the Ivy had with Zack from "Where on earth is carmen sandiego."?"
  9. if you can answer this you're too fucking young imo
  10. it was a show popular in the 90's which aired till 1996, 17 years ago . Unless kids were watching and actually remembered stuff when they were 1 years old  , I doubt that.
  11. Nah, just make all new members upload photos of their id ;)
  12. dude you are a dinosaur.....
    At least it assists me on not knowing dudes like Justin Bieber  :metal:
  14. Haha, at least you could rewind a cassette with a Bic...I remember pulling out 8 tracks with a huge bird's nest of tape streaming out of the fixing that....
  15. At first I was like... wut...

    Then I remembered how my tape players rewind button broke and I had to use my finger to rewind it.

    Makes sense now!
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    My 7 year old asked me what a VHS tape was. Soi pulled the VCR out of the closet, bought some tapes for a dollar at the salvation army and showed him movies from my childhood, with all the previews and everything lol

    Also: how many of you still say rewind when watching DVDs or digital stuff? Can't be helped!

  17. Lol that's just what it's called

  18. 19 an never heard of carmen sandiago besides the game in school

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    It will always be rewind to me.

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