New metal 100 times lighter than Styrofoam

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    It's hard to imagine, but engineers have created a material that's about 100 times lighter than Styrofoam. UC Irvine says the ''micro-lattice'' is 99.99 percent air and can be used in such products as battery electrodes. UCI created the material with help from Caltech and HRL Laboratories, in work supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which has underwritten research that's led to such things as GPS and much of the Internet technology you use. The new advance will appear in the Nov. 18th issue of the journal Science.
    Lorenzo Valdevit, a UCI engineer, said in a release, “Materials actually get stronger as the dimensions are reduced to the nanoscale. Combine this with the possibility of tailoring the architecture of the micro-lattice and you have a unique cellular material.”
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  3. [quote name='"Peter Griffin"']look at it upside down and its a furry plunger on a shag carpet[/quote]

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    some cool shit thats forsure, i cant wait for the future.

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