New Mer Slide, sick

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Modena626, Feb 17, 2009.

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    Just got this Mertini along with this US Tubes beaker.

  2. yeah man that looks like some nice glass. Also sick rip dude. Peace :smoke:
  3. I was || <--- that close to getting that off SMG. Enjoy!
  4. Haha, damn, you mean BFG right?
  5. damn nice man, i mean that is a super nice tini. alot of detailed work, and the colors look like space. +rep dude:eek:
  6. I would stare at that all night high off my ass if I was you! Very nice pickup I love the complexity of it.
  7. Thanks a lot, I haven't been able to stop staring at it since I got it.
  8. I almost forgot to comment on the picture quality very nice you receive +rep.:hello:
  9. Nice, I've got an AK oil dome that has the exact same star millie with the single star that goes white, black, red, white in the top of the 5th picture down.

    Sweet scoop.
  10. Thanks man, I would love to have some AK in my life.
  11. cool, thanks for sharing. Lots of bubbles though.
  12. dude that's one sick ass slide! the marble or whatever you call it looks awesome. really trippy looking with all of the different colors and things in it
  13. nice scoop, i was thinking of getting that one off BFG, i just always have second thoughts about buying chaos online. i feel like that's something i need to see in person to make sure i really like it. nice new tube too
  14. that bitch looks so thick!! and i love the black joint (or is that cobalt i cant really tell?)
  15. Fucking awsome!
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    Believe me, this beast IS thick and it's a cobalt joint.
  17. worrrrrrrrrrd, i love Mer's style. also can't go wrong with that tube ;)
  18. how thick is that tube?? 7mm or 9mm?
  19. The tube is 5mm
  20. nice man....veryy sexy silde

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