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    Two nice glass on glass bongs. I want to see if anyone would be willing to guess what I payed for each. Hopefully I didn't over pay haha.
  2. I guess under 50 a piece.
  3. Maybe 25 for the second one. 45 for the first.
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    ADS is 12 inches tall, 5 mm thick glass on glass diffused downstem and ice catch. The other is 14 inches tall with 7 mm tube, 5 mm beaker, glass on glass with ice catch and diffused down stem with art and not just stickers and you guess that? I hope you were guessing in Euros... I mean it's not the high end stuff but it's not rubber grommet and Chinese glass.
  5. i bet the secound one was ungodly expensive
  6. Like $60 for the first and between $100-$150 for the second but the second one isn't really my cup of tea.
  7. $50-$70 for the first. Probably $150-$200 for the second but yeah I am not a fan of the work hahah
  8. Haha I understand, personal preferences are different for each. The shrooms really caught my eye, different than just plan glass tube or beaker.
    ADS was 80 with tax and the second one was 105 with tax. Pretty reasonable in my eyes seeing as my LHS (Hideaway) likes to mark things up. A similar size ADS at Hideaway is 100 plus now. Just ridiculous.
  9. Pretty good deals for lhs standards, especially for the second one
  10. Prices seem to be pretty spot on. Careful with your glass around them cement floors haha
  11. Yeah I think each were fair and they get me ripped so it does it's job. And yes Flurgen I will be careful haha unfortunately I am limited to smoking in my garage so cement is all that surrounds me. Keeping it safe though!

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