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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by lilmac76, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. I am a brand new member and all I have to say about this site is WOW! I think i have learned more at GCity then in school. LOL.... Its great to stumble across a nice website.

    I do have a couple of quesions... While reading other posts it is pretty agreed by all that HPS is the way to go if your going to use one type of light only. Otherwise get the MH and HPS... I got that whole thing figured out. I am on a tight budget (like most) but I'd rather blow my wallet on a good light rather then a second rate grow outfit.

    OK Time For My Questions

    Would a (1) 1000w HPS be enough light for a 5 feet long and 4 feet wide by 7 feet tall area? (my closet)

    Does anyone know where I can get a good HPS for cheap? Stealth Shipping and order porcessing is also important factor for me. I think I'd rather deal with a company located in the US to save on shipping cost.

    Any tips on how to keep it cool in their?

    What type of smoke do you recommend that is easy to grow for the first time grower? (I do prefer sweet and fruity smoke) I do prefer to deal with seedsdirect (i think that is the name of the company).

    Thanks for helping a 1st time grower and I wont forget to take some pics when I get started to keep you guys posted with my progress.
  2. go northern lights for a strain, from what i have heard it is an easy one for beginners, mighty tasty too. as far as light is concerned, 1000w is a bit much for the amount of space you have, very expensive too. go with something abit smaller. you will need a fan and you should check out some of the grow guides floating around here if you haven't already. if stealth is an issue be sure to get odor control, your babies will smell. a carbon filter would work great but i am not sure the price.
  3. hard to have TOO much light, enless he doesnt vent...
    if your venting with fans etc, 1000 watts is fine, just make sure not to let it get too heated in there, and dont let your plants grow too big that they will be up there near the from beggining of flowering to end.)
  4. I'd say get a 600W HPS to start, it really depends on how many you'll be growing and you've also have to take into account how many of those will be males. Get a lamp with a remote ballast so you can keep some of the heat away from the plants...there's a few lamp sites in the Announcement at the top of this forum. As bud stuffer said you'd need fans..the person with the most fans wins.
  5. 1000 watt is overkill for your space. a 400 watt will do fine.

    Inside sun company, and they ahve a link somewhere here is the best deal for lights on the web.

    Try bag seeds first, they don't cost anything so when you do the intial newbie kill off from overwater and overfertilizing, you don't lose much. Otherwise, we have been recommending Durban Poisa, Topp44, and the NL strains for newbies.
  6. Thanks for all the help... I'm thinking with some off the money ill be savin from going to a 1000watt to a 400watt i might just pick up a mh light too. I wont forget about those fans!!!

    Big Poppa thanks for the advice with InsideSun... I think im gonig to go through them for my lights. I also decided to go with Northernlightsn strain as well.

    I think for my first grow im going to do soil and after a few trial and errors im thinking off moving up to hydro. Maybe the drip system.
  7. I would go with a 400 MH and a 400 HPS conversion bulb for flowering. You would need fantastic ventalation to keep your tempature at 78 degrees with a 1000 watter. Please keep us up to date on your grow.

  8. Most growers (along with myself) think that flowering is more important than vegging and that's why they would want to get a HPS setup and a MH conversion bulb for vegging. Regular HPS bulbs put out more lumens per watt then HPS conversion bulbs get a Sodium system and MH Conversion bulb if you want to switch your system to Halide.
  9. your money and buy two 400w metal halide lamps from Two different sources of light mean you can get the lamps much closer to the plants without burning them. They come fully assembled with a bulb which is nice if you ever had to wire a ballast. And you don't have to worry about them overheating. Just replace the bulb every year.
    For seeds the best online site is They warehouse seeds from different european companies and ship discreetly. I've never not seen a strain of weed on that site.

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