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New Member, Tight Bubbler (I Think)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pjvoc7290, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. sweeet bub bro
  2. I will definatley look out for that!!!
  3. thats a sick bub, thats cool how it gets really wide at the bottom . And that blunt is massive
  4. With those first images, I couldn't figure out how you'd smoke that and not burn your face with the lighter. These new images make it much clearer. Looks fucking sweet. Exactly the kind of bubbler that I want to get.
  5. wow.... i love it

    name it and ill +rep ya
  6. love the bubbz
    hate the fact that you put a half in a blunt though...whats the point?
  7. That is one sick sandblasted bubbler! :hello:

    Good start in the city. + rep :wave:

  8. Name the bub or the blunt or both? i could think of some creative names :D

    the point of a half in a blunt is it was my friends bday and thats what he wanted lol

    thanks for the +rep midwest, im not sure what it means but it sounds good... lol
  9. very nice bubbler, i like the frosted glass look. and that blunt is massive! +rep for that
  10. Did you get that at Illuzion?
  11. That IS a nice looking bubb....sure as hell beats my $15 pos Aqua Pipe. lol
  12. why yes I did :D howd u know lol :D
  13. Nice looking bub and a FAT blunt!
  14. super dope looking bub
  15. I'm friends with the owner, and know most of there artists.
  16. awesome! do u get any deals on stuff?
  17. 4 sure man.

    I got this piece for $120, it has 9 reversals on it and was blown by a really artistic blower who used to be at Geostrophics but has a studio in Colorado now. He's friends with some of the blowers at Illuzion, so he made this piece when he was in town last.

  18. that is a very tight bubbler i must say lol .. wish i had that + tacobell + blunt + weed Manng lol ...very nicee ...
  19. hahahah It was an awesome night!

    and midwest! That is the sickest thing ive ever seeN!!!!! :D id love to hit it, if i could figure out how that is lol :eek:

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