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New Member, Tight Bubbler (I Think)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pjvoc7290, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, I've been around these forums for awhile but never really signed up but I just got a new bubbler last week so I thought id show it off a lil bit

    1/2oz blunt
    what goes in the bubb

    lemme know what yall think
  2. Wow... Unique bub, and that's one LEGIT blunt!
  3. Haha thanks man! I used a superblunt but peeled it off the cone and used it like a regular blunt wrap, it was awesome :D
  4. Never seen a bubbler like that before, very nice. How much it set you back?
  5. Who doesnt use their frolf discs to break up weed? i know i do
  6. hahah hell yeah! and that bub was 65 at a local place that does their own stuff, they got craazzyy zongs with cartman stems n shit, its awesome

    thanks for the interest :hello:
  7. I dig it man, never seen one quite like that before.
  8. thats what I said! i bought it cuz its unique :cool: lol
  9. Thats a one of a kind bubbler man i'd love to have that, and nicely rolled blunt by the way that will get you lifted.
  10. As everyone already said, I've never really seen anything like that before.

    Looks like you can take some decent rips off that. How's it hit?
  11. love the bub i want it.
  12. Thats a blunt of champions well done and nice bubbler.
  13. Nice pictures. Unique bubbler and an amazing blunt.
  14. The bubb looks pretty nice. I like the color and how it looks like glass that has been washed up on a beach.

    Your photos, however, leave a little to be desired. Some of them are not in focus. Also, you didn't take enough pics at different angles, so the viewer can't see the length of the mouthpiece or the top of the bowl.
  15. I had a cheap side car a few months ago and i had a problem with clearing the chamber, the smoke would just atay withing the chamber and only clear the mouth shaft. Of course my bubb was no where as nice as that, the rush was messed up and i got it out of a smoke shop.... didnt expect much of it but it broke after about 5 uses.
  16. IT HITS HARD! Unbelievable, Ive never had or smoked out of a bub that could hit this hard, once again thanks for all the positive comments about the blunt and everything, I'm gonna take some more pics that will better justify this peice,

    -about the colors, it started out all green, but as we smoked more the golden rings started forming all over it! its truly an awesome work of art
  17. more angles, good cam pics
  18. damn it looks nice, very unique style, the new pics bring out the design better. Nice piece for $65. I'll post up my bubbler and new Phire bong later, keep a look-out. :bongin:
  19. Very nice! Its definitely sandblasted..

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