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New Member: Questions About Medicinal Coconut Paste Some Confusion... Help?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Veil, Feb 8, 2014.

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    You can't get a ratio that makes since because you are dealing with a raw natural product.  Small variations in cultivation and harvest make a big difference in cannabinoid yield.  Start dealing with the differences between different strains and dose variation Oz. to Oz. will get even larger.   I like every thing you're talking about doing except the not going through a concentrate part. 
    As soon as you put your Oz of bud through a dry sifter aka a "pollen box" and separate the kif from the leaf you can work to a formula even if you have to write the formula your self.  Cook and eat the leaf like spinich if you like but if you want the comfort and knowledge that you have this much medicine in that much coconut paste some form of +/- standardized concentrate is required.  If you do not want to work with hash oil and do I support that goal and subscribed your thread so I could watch as you do it, then Kif and Hash are the next closest thing to a standard that is obtainable.   Until then you will always be guessing because every Oz. you process will have a different amount of cannabinoids on it even if you use two clones growing side by side in the same grow tent.

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  2. Lucky on the hash price. Im 30-50 a g if i can find it. I can get high grade oil from Oregon though.

    I use no heat in my extractions other than a coffee mug warmer on occasion. I only use the freezer other than that. I've found much better results with ethanol extraction then infusing coconut oil with it vs straight oil extraction.

    I get that kief/hash is more convenient for making strong batches but i dont see how its better than adding the bud it came from as well. Its just more time consuming to process the whole leaf.
  3. I think the only problem I am having with what people say, is that their "boiled oil" method is far superior? I am trying to understand, really, but? How is boiled oil ever going to be better than one of the most perfect fat soluble solutions known to man, which can slip right through the blood/brain barrier like it had RSVP rights to it? Something seems a little off?
  4. Im not sure what ya mean by boiled oil but heres how i make things.

    Let my herb get crumbly dry, whatever my weight is in bud i add that many OZs of 190 proof ethanol. Like 5g of herb to 5oz of alcohol. Next it goes into the freezer to sit. There are a few variations to this step. You can do multiple runs or what i do is just let it sit for 3 days in the freezer. After that strain it all and let the alcohol start to evaporate. I use a fan blowing across the opening of a mason jar instead of heat. After its down to half or less of the original amount add the coconut oil. You can use a hot water bath to evaporate the rest of the alcohol and to speed up the transfer.

    Once the alcohol is gone you'll have a really great infused coconut oil. I know it seems like a little longer process but its worth it in the end in my book.
    It is not better then bud I'm not trying to say that sorry if I did. I am saying it is "as good" as bud.  The issue behind the recommendation is how to get to dose control.  You can weigh measure and control dose with out loss unless you want the wax too.  You can not achieve dose control with buds.  The only thing you loose is cuticular wax and the small amount of medicine that does not sift off.  You may want to recover that medicine to or should I say there is enough to be worth the time and trouble to recover it but that is a separate issue from making a finished product with a knowable potency.
    The OP is making cancer medicine and needs to KNOW that the dose will be strong enough to effect a cure if there will be a cure with this specific cancer.  I describe a way to come closer to that knowledge than working straight from raw plant while preserving everything but the wax that the OP is trying to get from the bud.
    I really like your recipe too!
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    I would like to throw my experiment out there. I ordered some vegetable glycerine and was wanting to make a tincture. I just happened to run across a post that was discussing Cannabis paste vs rso. There is not a lot of info out about the paste, hence how I landed here.

    I have a magical butter machine. I took a young male plant of a decent strain and dried it out. Ended up having 2 ounces. I put 2 cups of vegetable glycerine in my machine, selected 165 for 4 hours. After that cycle was completed, I scraped the sides down and selected 250 and started it on another 4 hour cycle. Then, I ran into problems. Vegetable glycerine does not want to strain. So I'm building a press. But now after reading through this thread, I'm re-thinking everything.

    I wasn't sure about the ratio, but it looks like I need to have quite a bit more material, especially if I'm using whatever free material I can get. 2 cups is the least amount of liquid the MBM can handle.

    I am still currently straining my mixture and I have filled capsules and taken them. I am still experimenting with dosage because, 1) I know it's weak and 2) you don't get high. I'm old school and it's so hard to not associate this with how high I am. I am in quite a bit of pain and I am tired of being high. I want my life back. With these capsules, my pain just melts away in about an hour. I've tried it out in other people just to make sure I'm not trying to justify taking it. It cured a really nasty hangover, it helped my sis-in-law settle down ( enter than a xanax would do), and 2 others, 1 with severe back pain and the other had severe shoulder pain. All positive results and they didn't know any of the effects it would have on them.

    I like the direction the OP is headed and I think I'm trying to do the same thing. The magical butter machine is the same as the method OP was describing, just all inclusive. It would definitely become a paste if I had the proper amount of material. I used vegetable glycerine instead of coconut oil, but from what I understand, it can be used the same way.

    Would the OP like to work with me on getting this method down pat?

    Here is my question. Is it possible to extract more cannaboids with different heating stages? Start with a low heat to get the very sensitive ones and then step it up each time until you are at the hottest point that you need to go.

    I also took a little of the strained Tincture and mixed 0.2 grams of Kief with it and I am going to just let that site for several weeks.
  8. i just bought vegetable glycerin and coconut oil (76 degrees) whatever the 76 means lol....ive been making butter for over a year and am mainly interested in making something smokable  from partially vaped bud and shake/ leftover bud....not plant scratch from growing....i want to use in a  e cig.... E JUICE....i  may try the coconut for making oil for baking/cooking but am less intersted in this as i am trying to get away from edbles....once you eat them your in it till its rather puff a little along the way and no longer want to smoke weed...just vaping to reduce lung damage lol...i need recipe!!!!
  9. That's ultimately what I am after. A valid recipe for vaping. Most everything I have seen involves taking BHO, ISO, or something like that and mix it with veg glycerine. I know it's possible to not go the concentrate route. I can get edibles so strong that just a VERY small chunk will get you blitzed for hours, and that's using just plain old Reggie.

    I have about 1 Ml of infused vegetable glycerine in a small bottle. I have added about 1/2 gram of Kief to it. I'm letting it "steep", soak, dissolve or whatever it's called for a while. I am pretty sure it will work, but I need a stronger VG mix. I tried infusing proplyne glycol and vaping, but that stuff was NASTY! capsules worked good. VG is actually pretty delicious.

    Also, try the liquid form coconut oil out. So much easier to work with! There are cheaper choices, this was the 1st that my search brought up.

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  10. Producing Cannabis Paste instead of Cannabis oil is 1667% more efficient to make. When you make the "Paste" you get 32 months of supply from a pound of cannabis or 32 jars. But when making the RSO oil you only get 3 months supply or 2 oz of oil. There is NO reason to concentrate the medicine when our bodies can absorb the paste just the same.

    When you concentrate cannabis to create an oil you throw the left over plant matter in the trash.

    RSO is also flammable and dangerous to make.

    Note: Making the paste, one can use many methods such as controlled temperatures and using Coconut,Olive Oil or Vegetable Glycerin. So my question to you is who in the world would ever make Cannabis oil? Maybe someone who wants to waste 1667% of their cannabis? Hummmm I don't get it.
  11. I am also on a Cannabis paste mission you could say. There is a website called that has the basic info. Click here
    I love your drive to explore the medicinal effects of MMJ. Especially being a new member, kudos to you sir. I hope the best for you and pray your treatment goes well!
  13. I can vouch for those directions. I have perfected it every single time.

    14 grams of powder, flour fine.
    2 FL Oz vegetable glycerine
    Mix thoroughly
    Put lid on small canning jar
    Drop it in 177 water for 10.5 hours.

    I got a PID temperature controller and I keep my crockpot at a constant 177

    I have a Tony Chachere's injectable marinades tool. I broke half the tip off. I get size 4 capsules, and fill them up. I take 2 every 3 hours. I have been experimenting with pain relief without the high. This method, you will never get a buzz and it provides minor to moderate pain relief. This is just regular decent flowers. I can tell the difference with the CBD content with each batch. I've gotten very sensitive to what level of relief I'm getting. If I could get a strain from here, this paste would be perfect!

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