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  1. Hey guys! I am a new member to the forums, although I have been aware of grasscity for quite some time. I am a bit new to growing! I am growing in a cabinet about 2 and a half feet long, 1 and a half feet back, and about 5 feet tall! I am about 2 weeks into afghan kush seeds, 14 of them! They started outdoors, but the weather here in canada hasn't been so well in my area! I plan on moving a few outside after determining the sex. I have a few questions!
    Current setup: 2 18" fluroscent lights, t15 about 3/4 of a foot above plants
    Light cycle: 18/6
    I need to know what to use for flowering! I don't want to have to spend all that much on a new light system so,
    Would this work?
    Also, smell is a big deal for me! What can I use to manage smell enough that the others living in my home will not be effected? The grow is located in the basement. I am aware of  the carbon filters, but they seem a bit pricey, and a little bit loud aswell! How about a hepa air filter? I appreciate all help and advice I can get, thanks guys :)

  2. you have 14 plants. so at the most u will have 14 females. no way to control smell once flowering begins without a decent ventilation setup. my advice would be to get them outside before flowering begins if possible. gonna stink something fierce.
    that light would be good for veg growth. you need the other spectrum (2000k) range.
    also if u want an led u gotta make sure it has 3w diodes. that one in the link probably has 1w. basically, means it's cheap. ur gonna have to cough up some dough if you want to maintain growing indoors and keep it stealthy. heres a quality ufo, but again, gotta spend the dough. and you'd need like 5 or 6 imo. probably more.
    next time start with 5-6 seeds hoping for 3-4 females. gotta be able to control ur environment or ur just wasting seeds.
    also, when u flip them you can simply select the strongest grower's and toss the rest. would make everything more controllable and not have to worry about so many plants.
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    I don't plan on keeping all indoors, only 4-5! The rest will go outdoors in very large pots, spread out in different areas! I am hoping for 8 females. I appreciate your feedback :)
    EDIT: Also, I would not mind coughing up the money, as long as it is efficient and pays off! I only plan on selling to make double to investment, the rest will be for personal use.
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    Look into Ona Buckets for odor , or I think carbon filters work well and for the long term would be worth it over the Ona i believe. I dont think you can control outdoor stank though.  GL
  5. if you buy a descent hps light, a good fan and good carbon filter, the amount of bud you will get will be way more than you paid for the equipment. if you half ass it with crap lights and crap ventilation you will spend less but the amount of bud you get may not cover the money you spent to get it
  6. Thanks for all the feedback guys!
  7. I have a 6x2x5 1/2 for closet. .I have a 400watt hps light and three 135 watt led grow lights. Entire cloSet is Mylared. About how many phototype bagseed plants would you suggest I grow with this amount of space and light? ???.

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