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  1. Whats going on boys. I am new to the growing game, this is my very first plant. I got it at 12'' tall, ive had it for about a week and it is now at 18''. Im growing inside with total ventalation and flat white walls. I was using regualr bulbs for the first week, I now have 2, 2900 luminant light blubs on my plant (only one). I also purchased miracle grow top soil and ultra bloom, and i have hydrorocks on the top of the soil. Here are some pics of my plant. ANY INFORMATION OR TIPS/ADVICE WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. GOOD OR BAD, REMEMBER IM NEW AT THIS.

    Remember these pics were taken before the new bulbs were put it

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  2. Please, read the indoor FAQs and stickies.
    Then read the all the posts in the indoor forum from the last few weeks/months.

    It appears you have a lot to learn and we really cannot reply with a complete growing guide everytime someone needs it.:rolleyes:
  3. Since your useing CFL's try to get the light as close to your plants(id say 3 inches from the top). I can see its stretching it looks good just needs the light closer. look in some of the "CFL" threads and pick up some info and you'll be stright.
  4. alright man thanks alot. I just put the light about 2 inches from the top with a second a little higher and a smaller bulb on the bottom, its kind of skrawney, so iwant a light onth bottom. wil that do anything?
  5. i've never tried cfls b4 only the regular 40 watt tubes. i had 6 bulbs and got a pretty good harvest even tho it was kinda airy. get a few of those 40 watt shop lights at a harware store mine were 10 bux for the 2 bulb 4 ft ones that got a plug on the end.u prolly need to add more light to yours so take a few and stand them around the plant with the cfls at the top still that way the whole plant with get even light .u could try plus its not expensive? or if u have any ideas of your own go for it? i made a lil chamber for them so u get the most out of your light and its not wasted. now i got a 250 hps! trust me the its way better than flouros so far as buds r tighter and bigger. but flouros can get great yields also so its a good way to get your feet wet! read the gro faqs and u will learn its got lots of tips and faqs and if u r stuck on somthing ask away. most of its right there in the faqs tho. good luck!
  6. I know you are a proud papa, but I would not recommend posting your picture proudly displaying your illegal activities on the internet. You never know who may be looking. Plant is looking healthy, but it is craving light. It is really stretching... Good luck with the grow bro...:smoking:
  7. thanks man i didnt realise i was i nthose ones until they were on. I just got new lights they are 45 watt big twisted cfls from canadian tire 2900 lumens. i have 2 of those and one small on in a cubby now painted flat white should start rocketing.thanks for the advice
  8. Ps. These Plant Are Young, Only About 5 Weeks, Do They Seem Big For 5 Weeks?
  9. They are tall for 5 weeks because they are stretching. Get more lights and put them at different levels up and down the plants and they should be fine. Oh and welcome to GC.
  10. get a fan and more light on those babies and take the hydroton off the top its pointless :p but other then that for a small first time flo grow not lookin bad... and yea take the pics of you in them off cuz its only gonna be bad for u lol
  11. Sup man welcome to the grasscity community. its very nice and pleasent here. ..

    Ok man first off with your pictures id suggest you take those off and put some differnt ones on there so peopel dont see u on the net becasue you never know whosees ur shit. Keep it all anomise and private or straight and to the point on the pics, just plants. its always the best route to go when talking on the net escepially when it comes to this matter. But its all good when ur medical casue they really cant say that much when ur just sharing ur medical grow for "personal use". Keep up the good work on the plants. try to gtez a hps man. im tellin u its worth the inverstment man!


  12. why would itake the rocks off the top? ive read on numerous websites that hydrorocks work wonders for your plant, and i actually noticed a differnence in leaf color since ive put them in
  13. Thanks to all the good people at gc my op went from a beginer operation to a good set up with a healthy looking product. i just used all the good/bad advice i got from everyone set it up properly i have the cfls on them raisable as the plant grows. got it in a nice low key spot in a basement bathroom closet locked down not only by the lock! thanks everyone keep an eye ill update with photos. i think they look decent for first grow only around 6 weeks

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  14. ur plants look pretty stretched... i suggest puttin the lights closer to em and gettin a nice fan to create air circulation and to cool the bulbs.. besides that K+
  15. Wow those are really stretched......The plant should be about 6 or 7 times Bushier by that height, with about 6 more nodes atleast. Thats okay buddy =) Cant expect to do anything perfect on our first trys in anything in life. It's okay, but I suggest LSTing Right away, I'd even get rid of the top 6 inches of your plant before doing so, or perhaps even making a clone out of it....Good luck dude...Also, Having only one plant, you may be disapointed when flowering because theres a 50% chance its a male =\... Again Good luck and more power to ya if you get a good grow.
  16. the plant is like that because when it was younger i read to get rid of the small leaves some only having 3, to give more energy and nutrients to the good spots, not sure if that was good idea or not. but its looking good, tomorow im going to use some fishing line and get thsoe leaves up and tighter to the stem. the lights also are not hot, they are very cool and tehre is a fan in there. i have the lights about 3 -4 inches from the plant now. its got a nice height it can grow to so idont mind if its tall and skinny with a nice crown. just want a quality grow and smoke.
  17. You may not even have a female...But thats okay, hope for the best and LST right now.
  18. im pretty sure it is female. from what ive researched ive looked at spots with magnified glass and didnt see any signs of male. i also had my neighbour look at it, who i started the grow with he said looks good, all his have turned and are starting to bud right now alittle older
  19. How would you know unless your flowering?
  20. i read on a site that if you look at the shoot coming out with a magnified glass , as long as u see know white hairs coming out then your good, they are very minute but apparently show up on all males . maybe they were wrong but im not sure, it looks good my buddies looked the same and his are all fems, hopefully i get good luck. ill try to find the link to that site to give you

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