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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tjvd2000, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Just picked up a couple 26 watt CFL's with a "daylight 6500k spectrum" to replace the 13 watt soft white ones. Also got a compact new little fan, got rid of the tin foil, and painted the walls white. I've attached before and after pics. I wanted higher watt CFL's but that was the highest they had in the 6500k light spectrum which i read is better for veg. They had 65 watters in the soft white 2700k spectrum. Thoughts, ideas, comments?

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  2. You may not want the fan blowing directly on the plants. Tends to dry them out.
  3. You need to double up the lights....... 2x26w per plant minimum.

    Also what about air extraction? You need air inlet/outlet etc.

  4. If you have a couple of sockets, you might add the two 13 watt soft white CFLs back in. A couple of Y adapters would let you add them to the two sockets you already have.

    You do seem to currently be below the low end of illumination that I've previously seen used to veg plants.
  5. Setup looks pretty good. As everyone else said, definetley want some intake/exhaust for that small space. I would also look into some Y adapters and add some lights! Good luck bro! :smoking:

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