New Member in my family!!

Discussion in 'General' started by stevieponiczz, May 31, 2002.

  1. I got back from the store today with a brand new black bear hampster. I named him gunna buy a another one soon and name him ralph. This little guy is coming soon
  2. New pets are always cool! Those Blackbear Hamsters really are cute, we saw some "flippin'" Hamsters the other day, they'er a TRIP!!. They don't need an exercise wheel as they "flip" a somersault almost constantly!! Make sure not to give them too many fresh veggie treats, or they can develop a condition called "wet-tail" and die!! Unfortunately we found this out the hard way :( !! :smoking:

    Oh Yeah, make SURE Ralph is the same sex as Norton, or you'll soon have Hampsters running out your ears!!!! We found this out the hard way too!! LMAO!!!! :D :D
  3. Well I just got back with Ralph.but i think its a she..this could turn into a whole litter.. yikes.

    Any blades need a hampster? Let me know LoL
  4. how cute! i had hampsters for years, one after the other. wish i could have one now, but my cat terrorizes plant life as it is, let alone other animals.

    you named a GIRL RALPH!? well maybe she'll get confused and think she's a dude, so you won't have any litters...
    ... right!
    hope you find a happy home to all your lil grandkids, if they do end up comin' around :D
  5. HEy Hey Ralpie Boy!!! Better than Gleason and Carney, lol ! :D :D

  6. Hey, my roomate used to have a hampster named Ralph when he was young. He wanted to name the hampster Golf Ball though, but his mom wouldnt let him.

    You should get one of those clear balls that you let the hampsters run around in on the floor. They're pretty cool until the hampster decides to go to the bathroom inside the ball!
  7. It's fun to watch em run in a ball! We had one named Turbo that would CRASH his ball into chair legs and stuff, until he could make the lid pop off!! :D :D
  8. lol i remember those plastic balls, they were pretty cool! this one hamster i had kept running into the corner & bumping into it though, lol

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