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Discussion in 'General' started by Horseman1978, Oct 24, 2022.

  1. Greetings,

    I'm a newbie here, but intermediate grower that is currently sticking with auto flowers. As a welder, I have access to incredible equipment and fabricated a large grow cabinet with all the necessary controls for my favorites. I'm hoping to have the current 10 plants ready for Christmas edibles!

    I've enjoyed lurking here for years and have 10 successful grows under my belt (8 we're successful and the first two "educational").

    Thanks for everyone that has shared here, this is a great resource!

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  2. Welcome aboard from another southerner that runs autos.
    Lots of great people and info here(which you probably already know if you lurked as much as I did)
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  3. Welcome! Many folks here, including me, will probably nerd out to the custom stuff you have built, would dig seeing some pics!
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  4. Welcome to the City

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  5. Welcome aboard mate!

    While I live in Virginia now, I've spent the better part of the last 30 years living and working in what one might consider the "deep south" (South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida panhandle, Louisiana, Mississippi)

    Lovely places most of them, but not the most friendly grow-wise in many cases. Hats off to you for keeping at it!
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  6. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

    Indeed, Georgia is not exactly friendly to this hobby, and the area I'm in is specifically risky, but I have several advantages and one is the fact that I'm in the middle of nowhere, and my "gardening" is contained to what appears to be a tool cabinet in my garage. The exhaust runs thru a carbon filter and ties into a duct that's carried out beside the drier vent lol. Sure, when they're flowering, there's still faint aroma, but I'm 1/4 mile from the nearest house, and we have a secure property entrance.

    Once I figure out how to post pictures, I'll try to include a few.


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    Owned a welding Fabrication shop. Also did shit load of welding on heavy/mining equipment.
    I don't think is worse job then air arching in the world.
    welcome to the insanity.
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  8. Welcome, I live in the backwaters of Georgia among the plantations and cotton fields. The cops here are pretty chill unless you piss one of them off.
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  9. Welcome!
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  10. Welcome, I grow autos/photos in the prohibition hell of SC. They need to get that legal ball rolling over there in GA so our tourism industry can get pot for us here.
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  11. @Horseman1978 Welcome to Grass City! :gc_rocks: I'm in Norcal, but my grandmother was one of the McNairs from around Decatur. I enjoy collecting articles and studies about cannabis, and I have one I think you will find quite interesting.

    Although Georgia is in the "dark ages" when it comes to cannabis in most ways, way back in 1980, Georgia had the very first Medical Marijuana law in the US! I know it's hard to believe, but it's true! :eek2:

    Southern women, like Mona Taft, can be a force of nature! All you need in Georgia is to find your generation's Mona Taft!

    Flash Back: How Georgia Legalized Medical Marijuana :A ‘Tiger Of A Woman Takes On Conservative Georgia And Wins A Battle For Cancer Victims (news reprint - 2013 of a 1980 article)

    ATLANTA – Mona Taft listened in horror as her songwriter husband, Harris, wearily announced that he no longer would take the chemotherapy treatments he needed to postpone death by cancer.
    No longer could he stand to retch and vomit for five to 10 hours after each treatment. No longer could he take the pain.

    “He couldn’t sleep. The treatment was making him weaker than the disease. He was tired of the fight, tired of the agony. He just wanted to quit,” said Mona Taft, her voice and hands trembling at the memory.

    Then one day a sympathetic nurse took Harris Taft, 32, aside, “I’ve heard marijuana helps fight the nausea,” she said, “We can’t prescribe it. We can’t even suggest it. But if I were you, I’d sure get me some.”
    “Harris said, ‘What the hell, I’ll try it”, Mona Taft recalled.

    Neither Mona nor Harris smoked marijuana. They called a friend who did. That night, after one joint, Harris Taft slept soundly. It was his first full night’s sleep in six months. A few days later, in June 1979, he died. But he made his weeping wife promise to tell others how much peace marijuana had brought him.

    Mona Taft went to the capitol in Georgia, one of the most conservative states in the South, and began to lobby legislators for a bill that would make it legal for cancer victims to use marijuana.

    “Eight months ago,” she said, “they told me I was crazy. They said it couldn’t be done in one year – not in Georgia, where everybody is up in arms about all the dope coming up from Florida. One senator said, ‘God, you’re trying to get it out on the streets? This is an election year.’

    On Tuesday, the Georgia Senate passed Mona Taft’s bill. The vote was 50-0. (snipped)

    Granny :wave:
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  12. Thanks for the warm welcome; I'm grateful for this community!

    I grow for my own use, though admittedly smoke less than an ounce per year, as I'm too health conscious to make smoking a big part of my life. Last year, it took me 14 months to go thru an ounce in my pipe. Additionally, I've been married almost three decades and she detests weed on my breath, so there's that too! She happily agrees to the occasional BJ after a little smoke, but even then insists I "air out" for 5-10 minutes before she gets down to business lol.... This is why I too favor edibles.

    For that reason, I typically convert my herb into alcohol tincture for edibles, or oil tincture for "personal lubricant"; both for personal use and for a couple very trustworthy lifelong friends. Their wives have terrible PMS and pre-menopaisal symptoms (hey, were nearly 50 lol) and the edibles and oil help them relieve some of those symptoms! One of my buddies wives can get a decent buzz from the coconut oil tincture when they are intimate; she's a big fan!

    Cheers folks!
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  13. Welcome to The City...If, by chance, you somehow are able to make it into the attic, don't be startled by all the people you'll find...

    ...They're my friends.:coolalt:
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  14. Amen; I simply dont believe Kemp will conider this for Georgia. He labels himself "pro family" and I'm afraid the inhabitants of this here Bible belt will not go for it.

    Do you care to share what strains you prefer to grow?

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  15. My apologies, but I do not understand the "attic" reference...

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  16. I like Sativa stuff but enjoy experimenting with anything in the garden.
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