new member from CT, any neighbors?

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  1. hi,everyone.ive gotten ahead of myself and posted a couple things before my introduction to the site.
    what a wealth of knowledge to reference from and a lot of great people who feel just like I do about this
    fascinating hobby!
    I was wondering how many members were close to me?its always cool to find out there are so many others close by.
    I have vowed not to tell another person or friend ive started a indoor garden,which is very difficult cause a few of my friends grow and you want to show how clever you are or what you have thank god for this site where I can share or ask questions because there is just no way of keeping this all to myself !
    glad to be here with some of the most awesome people on the planet !

  2. 207 maine here all legal grow, I think I have told maybe four people. Obviously for me it's not the police but the robbers I worry about. Gc is great for sharing all garden related enthusiasm for sure. Ct made the legalization move yet? Maine is medical card only legal with decriminalization.
  3. hi friend,no ct is just getting into medical use.the pain clinic where I am a patient had some info on it.and just started prescribing.its amazing because like out of the 8 or so ailments or cancers that qualify for prescribed usage....the spinal injury I sustained does not qualify for a prescription.!!!...I cant believe it. wtf it figures.
    maybe by the time I get good at growing they will legalize in this state lol its gonna happen just not any time soon.
    its already a huge win just by allowing certain patients get it prescribed...that's a start.
     they cant prescribe me anything yet that helps....but guess what is the only thing that brings any sort of relief?
    so I am doing this for my own personal use.
    good luck with everything and thanks for saying hi
  4. Maine has a similar list of reasons Mary Jane can be prescribed, however it also has the clause written in any pain or illness that lasts longer than six months that hasn't responded to concentration medicine. This has allowed the doctors who believe in Mary Jane as a med more freedom in what the will give it out for. Even though you yourself don't qualify you must be able to get a care giving license from the state for a fee? Find a patient and grow for them share with yourself on the dl. If Mary Jane is really the only thing helping your pain you can find a doctor that will help you though. Ct have dispensaries yet? Typically places like that have info on the friendly doctors in your area.
  5. I'm not far from your border. Go Huskies.

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