New member from Canada !

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by canadastoner, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Hey guys just thought id introduce myself !
    Like most canadians im a stoner and i never fail to smoke everyday ! woop ! :hello:

    Anyway just saying hi to all the stoners in Canada , in the USA and around the world !

    and i would just like to say to smoke a bong hit in my name :smoking:
  2. Where in Canada are you from? :)
  3. I'm from Canada too :) What part are you from?
  4. Im just outside of Toronto, Ontario. Where you at?
  5. I'm 45 mins from Halifax (Nova Scotia)
  6. Im 1hour away from vancouver :>
  7. Hey,

    i move to Dartmouth, NS next week(for 4month or longer) and i was nearly panic that i´ve to stop smoking in canada, but your post put a smile on my face :D

    it looks like i´m a natural born canadian :wave:

    Just want to say hello to all of you.

    I hope i can meet some cool people over there

    bless :smoke:
  8. downtown dartmouth
  9. Hey! Greetings from the GTA

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