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    What's happening everyone, I've been browsing and reading the posts for a long time finally about 1.5 weeks ago I decided to start 1 AK47 to learn from. A little about my basic setup, the seed was planted in a tropic flower soil/worm castings mix about 50/50% and broke soil 1 week ago. It is sitting in a cabinet that is about 16"x16" and flat white inside, and is current under 2x42w 6500k cfl, 1x24w 6500k and 1x24w 3100k cfl, it is sitting about 1" away as the heat is very manageable. The box has 2 x 120mm pc fans exhausting the box with passive intakes, also a small USB fan has been placed inside to circulate the air as well as strengthen the stem. For the first couple of waterings it got distiller water now it's getting filtered tap water, I water when the top 1-2 inches is dry, the condition in the is around 70-75% f and a humidity between 50-60%. Alright now after my rambling my question is my baby girl has her second set of leaves and the third ones are viable but tiny, not bad for 1 week I think but the first set of leave curls down and that what's concerning me, I thought maybe over watering but o have watered for a few days and no really change, can you guys please tell me if I have anything to worry about, and if so how can I fix my little girl. Any help
    is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  2. Forgot to mention light are on a 18/6 schedule so is the USB fan, the exhaust fans are on 24/0.
  3. Can someone please help, I just want to know that my girl is doing alright, please!!!
  4. youll be fine dude. its a plant. when something bad happens, youll know. just let this one grow out and see. good luck.
  5. Sounds like. Its a Little too much light there buddy lol, just 1x23w will do at that stage yo.. And 1 inch away with all of those lights? That's too close for that many lights.. :) kill the lights ASAP except 1 or 2 and give them distance you should be fine :eek:
  6. Grewbie thanks, I guess I was just a little anxious to make her grow quick, likes cut down and I'll update after a few days.
  7. Ok so a couple of days ago I reduced the lights to 2 x 23w 6500k, and moved my little girl about 3-4" away. She's been growing fine but I wanted to know will all of the droopy leaves come back or will I just have to live with them??
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    It depends.. It had alot of light for a seedling... It'll be fine though,
  9. Well thanks for the advice, after moving her away from the light she's really perked up and still remaining nice and squat. Thanks all here's a pic at 3 days sort of 2 weeks


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    It made it :D

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