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New Meds (Vyvanse) + Cannabis = Ehh?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChiefBigHit, May 9, 2011.

  1. So I was just re-prescribed 30mg of Vyvanse by my doctor today, the same ADHD medication I took daily during my sophomore year of high school (I'm a senior now and have been on and off various ADHD medication for the past 2 years). The reason I stopped taking it was largely due to the INTENSE depressive and angry feelings that would overcome me towards the end of the day (suicidal thoughts, inability to cheer myself up, extreme irritability etc.) In addition to that, it also destroyed my appetite, causing me to lose considerable amounts of weight very quickly and lowered my creativity (something I especially hated as an AP art student).

    But despite the side effects, it does make me a more sociable person during the day and does wonders for my ability to focus, both things that I feel would be very beneficial next year as I go off to college.

    Anyways for the past few months I've been smoking almost daily, usually smoking 2 bowls at lunch with a few friends, then coming home and hitting the vape a few times. As drove home today, I thought about all the potential side effects Vyvanse could give me, and realized that perhaps the side effects could be eliminated by continuing to smoke everyday as I do now. For example...

    Loss of appetite could be fixed thanks to the "munchies".
    Depression could be fixed by smoking the vape slightly earlier as the Vyvanse wears off to counteract the intense depressive and irritable feelings.
    Lack of creativity... well you get the point.

    Basically my main questions are....

    a) Has anyone that has been on Vyvanse used mary jane to contract any of the side effects?
    b) Is there any possible negative effects that could result from smoking while taking Vyvanse?

    Sorry if this post is the size of small essay. Just trying to give as much background as possible.

  2. Ya i did it for abour 4-5 months and it seemed great at first since it counteracted the vyvanse negative effects but after about a month or so it really just started screwing with me emotionally.. I mean vyvanse did to begin with but the added smoking was just really screwing my over emotionally... Long story short now i smoke and no vyvanse lol but anyways idk every person is different so just give it a shot for a while and see how your body does with it/how it works for you.

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