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  1. Hey everybody! I'm new to Grasscity and Hawaii and I live in Oahu and I got my first medical card in my life here just recently. I came to Hawaii expecting them to have dispensaries open (since I hear marijuana has been medically legal for a while), so was pretty disappointed when I found out what was ACTUALLY going on. So if you have no idea how to grow and you don't know anyone who can either, how do patients get their cannabis here? Just looking to get insight on what the weed culture here is because it seems to be liberal and absolutely conservative at the same time lol.

    But as of now I'm just waiting for AlohaGreen to open.

    Any friends on here are welcome as I'm very new here! Advice, suggestions, welcome. Recommendations are also very welcome since I've never really smoked marijuana as a lifestyle or as a medicine before so no idea what any popular strains are. All I know is Indica and Sativa.

    Little Introduction About Myself:
    Video Games Video Games Video Games
    Movies Movies Movies
    Music Music Music
    Anime Anime Anime
    Oh, and I'm an amateur producer/recording artist! :)
  2. Welcome Wallflower. Nice to meet you. I'm on the mainland, but am familiar with what's going on there.
    Yeah - the med situation in Hawaii is odd.
    Most cardholders grow their own or knows someone who does.
    Wheels can turn slowly sometimes. You'll get what you need.
    The strains beneficial to you depend on your illness or condition. Sativas for this, indicas for that.
    Not to pry, but it would be difficult to make a suggestion without knowing what ails you.
    I would love to hear some of your music. We have something else in common there..

  3. I'm guessing you're a bass player? If so that's awesome. My favorite part of song making. I'm a pianist originally but wanted to venture into something a little electronic. I'm very amateur though I only have 2 songs made via GarageBand. I started in June. Although they sound professional I'm finding it difficult to make more complex songs more than 2 minutes long. lol

    Anywho! You're not prying. It would be hard to make a recommendation without knowing symptoms right? Anyway I got my card for upper back pain. And while the symptoms are definitely a hindrance I also wanted to self medicate for PTSD symptoms due to some success stories cannabis had with Veterans rather than pills. I thought the doctors would try to pry into stuff I did not feel like talking about although I had a written diagnosis so I went with pain and voila. I was kind of wrong tho. The physician was very nice and probably wouldn't have pried. I was just paranoid.

    So long story short, the symptoms that are most difficult to deal with that I want to target is Insomnia and Anxiety. I have sleep problems for days. Nightmares. The whole shebang.

    On the physical side I only suffer from upper back pain. So getting cannabis that helps that would be very nice too.
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  4. For pain, anxiety and for getting good sleep, a nice indica is the way to go.
    Indicas tend to affect the body, while sativas are more mentally effective.
    Hybrids or crosses of the two will have blended effects depending on the indica/sativa ratio.

    Yes, I am primarily a bass player, but in my recording projects I play all the instruments except the drums.
    I "write" our stuff on bass, and add other instruments as needed. I collaborate with a lyricist/vocalist and a great drummer. Our stuff is trippy rock that we half jokingly refer to as the Twilight Zone set to music. Good when you're stoned ;). A link to our vinyl LP is on my profile page if you care to see it.
    I'm always up for hearing original music. Can you post or link me to some of yours?
  5. Alright, well I know what to ask for when I finally get to visit a dispensary! Thank you! I'll look into an Indica like you said.

    That's really cool that you're a multi - instrumentalist. Real talented. It's funny cause I also usually start with a bass line and build around it too. But I'm no bass player so my bass lines are probably pretty basic. But I'll definitely give your music a listen. Always looking for inspiration! And maybe when I get more experienced and confident in my work we can work together, who knows?
    I look forward to smoking to your music! :).
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  6. I don't know about being real talented, but I do enjoy developing musical ideas.
    I do have quite a few instruments lying around, and am up for collaborating too.
    IMG_0077.JPG IMG_0607.JPG IMG_0059.JPG

  7. Woah! Jeez your collection looks awesome. That must be really helpful to have so many instruments and equipment at your disposal. Looks like a lot of work and money put into it. You got any amps lying around that you don't want? I will probably need one someday whenever I build up a playlist for going live.
  8. Well, I didn't get all that stuff at once ya know..
    I really don't have any extra amps. Just the one bass amp in the third pic.
    I go direct into the recording machine with guitars and keys. No amp neeed.
    Onboard effects gives me the sounds I'm after.

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