New Medicali pickup!

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  1. I just got this from my local head shop... 14" 50MM Medicali Straight... Also got this medicali ashcatcher. $170 out the door!
    What do you guys think?
    Here are some pics :D

    Sorry kind of blurry
  2. i personally love medicali they make some awesome stuff i love that ash catcher nice pick up bro +rep
  3. Interesting faceplates on your wall plugs and light switches. More fun too look at than the plain white ones I've grown up around.

    On topic, nice pick up. Medicali makes some really clean looking glass.

  4. Haha.. I tend to like my interesting wall plugs :D
  5. both for 170?...nice
  6. also man how much was just that ash catcher
  7. Ash catcher was marked at $95... I talked him down to $125 for the pipe and that means the ash catcher was $45
  8. Wow, good price and the setup looks awesome ... definitely digging the matching labels.
  9. nice price, nice grab. enjoy it.
  10. nice man are you in cali ? if so id love to know that headshop shoot me a pm
  11. nice job. thats a pretty good deal.. thats the newest line too, has the new logo...
  12. cali meds and medicali..they are two different brand right ?

  13. I'm actually not in cali.

    Thanks for the compliments!
  14. really this if the first ive heard of this brand making it out of the state good to see that enjoy man and if you dont mind me asking where the milk??:bongin:
  15. thats clean as fuck bro
  16. Man medicali is really steppin it up, Saw their new line recently, so thick and smooth looking!

    How do the diffys hit? anything to compare it to?

  17. My local headshops have a bunch of them.. This one actually just came in a shipment.. I originally was going to get a gold label one but the guy said a shipment just came in...

    Thanks man!

    Honestly... I couldn't tell you. It hits really nice with not much drag.
  18. Love medicali's clean look, sweet pick up!
  19. i wanna see a milk!!!!!!!!
  20. Ditto on the milk if you can get a shot, very curious.

    is it 5mil or 7mil? looks so boss

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