New Medicali Bubbler

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  1. Picked her up last night from Itz all Goodz in Phoenix

    She hits like a dream, no name for her yet.

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  2. nice glass, they make a good product.
  3. It's really nice, the bottom plate is about a quarter inch thick. 8 arm perc
  4. Sick looks really nice. How much did it run you if you do not mind?
  5. Yeah how much? :D ^
    And man ive never seen a medicali piece in person. They seem well-made
  6. It was actually cheaper then most of other bubblers, price tagged at 279.99 I got it for 250 out the door + 2 clipper lighters n some papers :)

    They had a roor there with the rasta logo for 339.99 but it wasn't as sexy looking at this piece. I really like how the mouth piece is flared.
  7. Smoke weed
    Plays xbox. I see the controller
    Pretty nice lookin

    Marry me? Haha no but that piece is nice. Good pick up :)
  8. Today i'm going to try n get some milk porn with it.
  9. They had a medicali AC with the same 8 arm tree perc, I was thinking about getting one but they only had 14mil
  10. That's a nice looking piece! I don't really like the bubblers that look like bongs though I prefer the eye catching pieces with crazy designs and high price tags;) hahaha
  11. Nice but fuk that price is crazy all for that name:( but u had the flow and gets high so A+ lol

  12. Yeah the price was kinda high but I didn't care to be honest. It hits so beautiful
  13. Nice pick up. I had a sheldon black that was simular. Around the same.price too.
  14. lol I feel ya just take care name it the chick with snakes on head I think she had eight snakes on her head

    Sorry if didn't make sence I'm high haha.
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    Nice pickup

    Name: "The Key" haha. I don't name really my pieces because they kind of come and go. But if I did, one would be named "The Key"

    My favorite surrealist painter is Salvador Dali. He had this deal where he would nap for literally a second in time by sitting in a chair with a key in his hand. Under his hand he placed a glass plate so when he fell asleep the key would slip from his fingers and clang off the plate to wake him up. He claimed he did it to "reawaken" his very being. I like to think of smoking weed like that (because it sounds better than liking to get ripped), and that looks like a pretty good "key" haha.
  16. Daaamn!

    Oh and glass by the way
  17. Here's some more pictures

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  18. Moar!

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  19. I had a hard time picking between the Medicali and the Flawless. My shop had the 15in 36 arm and it was so sweet. I went with the Flawless but i still wonder about the one that got away.
  20. It's all goodz is the shit!!! We're there any other medicali bubbler there? Like a small one with a skinny straight mouthpiece Comin out

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