new medicali bong, yes very gnarly

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  1. bought this piece at wonderland in philly, pa this afternoon and after three packs I can tell ill be using this for a veryyyy long time. sooo stoned. I just wish I could of gotten some milkshots,before pics and I havent even used it with ice yet soo ill keep updated ha

  2. gnarly piece brah!
  3. nice piece. i wish i could get a medicali up here
  4. gotta similar beaker illadelph a little thicker
  5. Nice Medicali. I picked up a Medicali 5 arm perc'd about a weekago, and have used it everyday since.

  6. haha, me too man. 5 arm perc and an ashcatcher. cant beat it
  7. heh, i just got home today from wonderland with the same bong but a green label. there was a bubble in the silkscreened i of medicali so the guy gave me 25% off.

    i just need to find an ice tray hat makes ice cubes small enough to fit in the neck
  8. ohh sweet but wait that scares me, why wouldnt ice cubes be able to fit?
  9. Hawt piece dude
  10. some ice trays are simply larger.... the plastic trays sometimes are larger than ice you'd get from fridge ice maker.
  11. that shit is fat as much?
  12. it was on the shelf for $130

    as for the ice, the tube is very narrow so normal ice cubes wont fit, you need small ice cubes or crushed ice.

    i went to walmart, the supermarket, ikea, and random kitchen shops looking for ice trays that make small enough cubes but found nothing.
  13. Just fill your tray halfway.......
  14. do they make medicali diffusers and ash catcher
  15. yes

    funny, I just bought a medicali yesterday in MD..seems like alot of the owners are from this area
  16. This:hello:
    And thats is a really fucking sweet bong dude.. I wish I had one like that :eek:

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