NEW Medicali 8 Arm bubbler vid

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    Just picked up yet again another new piece from Gotham. This time a Medicali 8 arm tree perc bubbler. its pretty awesome :smoke:

    Tell me what you think
    EDIT: Fuuuuckkkkk i found a crack a little under the joint piece ill upload a pic in a minute
    [ame=]YouTube - Medicali 8 Arm Bubbler[/ame]
  2. Looks real sweet, try less water you might like the hit more.
  3. Yea was just gonna say that fill the water just above the slits but anyway sweet piece man. How much you pay
  4. yeah i realized it was too high. oh well it was around 250 but i got a new MGW ice pinch slide too so it ended up being around 300 with tax.
  5. nice piece medicali makes some cool stuff
  6. Sick piece I really like stuff from medicali have their hammer bub myself.
  7. How much you get it for?
  8. See above, he said around $300.

    Nice pick up, I always love bubblers. Smoke happy man :smoke:
  9. Sick blbbler man. What song did you use?

  10. the original bubbler was 250
    manifest ice pinch slide was 30

    song is Hold That Tree
  11. that song was like an orgasm in my ear. nojoke. i dont know what happened.

  12. haha glad you liked it
  13. did you get to negotiate the price down at gotham? they've become pretty stubborn lately with that :mad:
  14. i tried to work down the price for a toro bubbler but the instant i started asking they shot it down.
  15. heres the crack

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  16. Shiiiiiit man, you think it's anything you may have done? I really dig Medicalli's bubblers, this even makes me sick to my stomach.
  17. im pretty sure it wasnt done during use. im wondering if i can just put some layers of glass glue on it

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