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New Med Pickup: Blue Crack (Blue Dream x Green Crack) review + macros

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by H3adrush, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. #1 H3adrush, Mar 25, 2009
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    Hello blades, just came back with a gram of something new I haven't tried yet:

    Blue Crack


    Blue Crack is a mix between 2 popular strains Blue Dream and Green Crack. The aroma of the musky blue dream is apparent in this cross. For those who have tried blue dream before know the smell to it is definitely unique to it's own, and it holds the same with the Blue Crack.

    In terms of flavor.. there is not a whole lot of flavor to this one however it is very mellow and woodsy. This is a great cerebral sativa strain in terms of potency! :smoking:


    Overall I would rate this strain a solid 8.5/10. Price was 20/g and 55/eigth at Green leaf collectives so cal. Until next time, stay blazed :smoke:
  2. Looks like a little Christmas tree :smoking:

  3. haha it does, that cross sounds amazing and those pics are definately beautiful.
  4. that shit looks deadly enjoy
  5. sick bud dude..i would love to live in cali jus for the bud
  6. i picked up some of this nug.

    pretty good smoke. it definitely has me uplifted. i wanna post pics.
  7. ive heard good things.. and that looks dank.
  8. Nice! Haven't tried Green Leaf Wellness yet, but I did happen to stumble upon it while searching for decent collectives in SoCal.

    P.S. I'm visiting Farm Associated Collective today (Farm Associated Collective, Inc. - Medical Marijuana Dispensary), I'm DYING to try that "subzero pure melt", it looks absoooooluuuuutely crazy!
  9. That's a amazing cross mate! frosty as hell and i bet the smell is to die for. Cheers!

  10. That looks amazing maaaaan
  11. the bud in the first pic on the far right looks intense! :D
    nice pick up :smoke:
  12. i wouldn't say it's to die for, but it taste just like it smells, pretty god damn good.
  13. here's what my green dream looks like

  14. I picked up a gram of this yesterday at The Fuzzy Gardens (riverside, ca) and must say it's one of the most enjoyable and lasting highs I've had in a while. Considering I coped it for 15/g, I give it a 9/10.
  15. picked up some blue krack yummy! is blue crack and green dream the same?
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    Jst hada bowl of it to myself witha bong i jst bought ...man its probly one of the best sativas ive had so far other than white rhino. Im feeling pretty awesome right about now, i give it a 9/10 http://pictures.sprintpcs.com/share.do?
  17. Bombburgerrrr
  18. Had some of this a few months back. It was good stuff, unforgettable taste from the vaporizer!
  19. yesssssss

    \but fuck crack!

    so call it green dreammm

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