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    Just bought 3 "Mars II 1600 Advantage" (replaces the the older model) LED fixtures...on a whim.

    I've never used them...I've only used Sun System 1000w HPS air cooled units...Sick of the expense and HEAT!

    Ordered direct from China (horrible language barrier)...they're not even advertised on their web page yet.

    Ordered them with 240v plugs...(do they daisy chain?)

    Can anyone tell me what I should expect...and any pointers on switching to LED's??


    Edited 5/27/18 to add recently received specs from Mars Hydro on "new" panels...

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  2. Why on this green earth did you buy MARS lighting? Jesus Christ.
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  3. Even though LED panels can run cooler that HID, you'll still have to use good ventilation. Be super careful to watch for light burn and bleached buds. My last grow, I had several tops that were bleached because, although my temps were in the right range, my LED panels were too close to the tops. YMMV, but now, I keep at least 24 inches between my lights and the tops.

    Seriously, though, return your Mars product without opening it. DIY a LED panel, or invest more $ in a better brand. It's not like your plants won't flower without a better panel, but Mars has horrible customer service and overpriced products.
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  4. You could have done worse, but a better approach would be to have asked the people on here that have been growing with led for 3 years or more now and have tried several brands what would maybe be a good way to go.

    I don't know what to expect out of the advantage. I tried to look it up and I find nothing called that. I don't know the power output or what diodes it has.

    I can tell you that mars is a decent company that has made a good led grow product for a while that works well. They're not the best on the market as far as efficiency of output for the dollar so far but they're smart and trying to regain market share by putting out a better product each time they do something.

    The mars cob and the new eco series are evidence of that. It could be they've used what they've learned with the cob and their experience on the market and made this new 1600 a real beast. I guess it remains to be seen.

    There's a lot of good diodes on the market. If mars finally started using the samsung lm561's, 303b's or nichia stuff everyone is in trouble.

    They should cover a 4x4 each if they're the same rated coverage as the old 1600. Since they don't have vented hoods sometimes leds tend to build up heat in the top of the grow space. I would recommend a clip on 6" fan for each fixture just clearing the air out above it.

    LED grown plants like higher optimal temps then HPS for most rapid growth. HPS lights have much higher IR and yellow spectrums that impact surface leaf temps more then leds do. Because of this plants can tolerate a higher room temp without stress under led. I target 80-82 degrees for most rapid growth. This can also save you on your cooling.

    LED grown plants tend to require 25% more cal/mag give or take compared to HID but as far as other nutrients they will consume less. Overall nutrient consumption is probably 30% lower or more but they just always want cal/mag. There's some articles out there about why.

    You really do have to relearn what routine works well whenever you change lighting systems. I've even had large changes on my routine just going from California Lightworks and Platinum leds to Horticulture Lighting Group's stuff.
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  5. ^this guy knows more technical stuff about LEDs than me, but my final comment would be that they only require more cal/mag if you're using bottled nutes! Organic growing and No-Till ftw!
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  6. Are you growing plants like this indoors with organic and no till? DWC Hydro FTW! =) IMG_0900.JPG IMG_0913.JPG IMG_0916.JPG
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  7. I agree with bacon BTW. DIY panels are the way to go price/performance. There's many people in the lighting section willing to help. Kits are also a great option.
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  8. Good god, man! That's a beautiful beast of a plant!! How long did she veg for?

    My love of organic and no-till growing stems from my ability to go out of town for a week or two and have a non-green thumb friend water with water only. I come back, give the plants some Recharge, and it's like I never left.
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  9. I totally respect organic no till. I might do it someday. I just enjoy having the control over the plant. It's a hobby to take care of them. I vegged that plant for almost four months. It was only because it was a very slow vegging plant so it got left out of a crop two crops ago when it was way smaller then the others. I left it in the veg tent the whole time they budded and then budded just that single plant next round. It was a wonder woman.
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  10. looks like some real monster leds. they will cover a heck of a lot more then that 1000 hps. but i think they will still have 1800 watts of power to cool. Mars II 1600 LED Grow Lights great for professinal medical plants grower veg flowering switches good for veg and floweing both stage for sale,buy Mars II 1600 LED Grow Lights great for professinal medical plants grower veg flowering switches good for - Mars Hydro
    for the people that are saying mars hydro is junk. the mars hydro have been around for years there panels last. they are backed up under warranty. they use epistar leds from taiwan . epistar led are widely used in many high quality leds. they may be made in china but there leds are not. if you hate the brand mars then go drop 4 times as much on a us made light that is actually assembled in china with china parts.
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  11. He's talking about a new version of the 1600 that's not out yet supposedly. Mars has used epistar for their past lights but they started using cree in the pro series and then they put out the cree cob. I'm not so sure they'll just for sure use epistar in this new version. There's lots of competition out there. HLG uses Samsung, Nichia, and Citizen. No reason that mars can't change it up. I think they should if they want to keep their market share. Most led growers are moving to white light led growing. The current cob style diodes made for replacing t5's in commercial buildings have some of the highest efficiencies available.

    There's plenty of companies that use no parts from China. Korea the US and Germany have many of the leading edge companies in led. China struggles behind but of course for much cheaper with more cheaply made copycat type stuff.
  12. Their newest high end panels have US Made LED's... Claim 40% more efficient and all around superior. FYI

    I'm just surprised that I was able to score these lights off of a fluke ohone call... They literally made the panels as soon as I ordered them and we corresponded several time to ensure I got what I wanted (like 240v plugs)...

    The NEW "Advantage" has no glass over the LED's...hers a screenshot from one email...(they obviously struggle writing English, but they were WAY nice)

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  13. I like it. I love seeing that logo. I drew it. I told the guy at the grow store I buy my nutrients that and he looked at me funny.
    Mars Hydro will change the logo
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  14. Well, because you gotta start somewhere...and I have some successful grower friends that swear by them. For LESS the price of ONE Nextlight Mega (about $1500) ...I can get 3 of these Mars units and still have change to spare. Now I belong to a small group of boutique growers in Colorado and we do about 20lbs a cycle...of which I'm just a fraction of that...but it's all TOP shelf, small batch kinda stuff. in the REAL world (I'm retired btw) we beta test products with a small investment FIRST... before diving in to ANYTHING.

    So...there's that

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  15. Horrible how specifically? Because they have called and emailed me in a ridiculously prompt fashion so far. Is it after the sale they drop the ball? Is it honoring their warranty that is lacking? The ONLY issue so far, is their English is horrible....they need American reps on the ohones, doing their horrible videos and writing their literature....jmo

    I'm retired and disabled so my "DIY" days are kinda behind me for now (if my health improves that could change). The only reason I picked Mars (as I normally go for the best, which is usually the most expensive) is from the recommendation of a fellow grower and good friend and the fact they were VERY inexpensive (compared to the Nextlight Mega's I was drooling over).

    ...I will test the shit out of em... and we shall see
  16. Great tips....thanks! I'll be researching what you mentioned.

    "You could've done worse"...totally reminded me of Fletcher Reede in Liar Liar..."I've had better" LOL
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  17. You need lots of soil to do it; but its fun. I like organic due to easy upkeep. Pop into the grow room, plants need water; give em water. On to the next task of the day. Quality is typically top-notch with organics. At least on a flavor note.
  18. I would say that mars is pretty good about honoring warranties. SmokeSara is their rep here on the forums and is always prompt to reply to a message. If you're willing to swap parts yourself and not expect them to ship both ways for free to China they'll totally give you all the parts you need.

    They've been dealing with lots of warranty work with the mars 1 and marsII series. It's part of why their lights have went up in quality. I don't think they want to deal with the breakdowns so they've just put out a more reliable product instead. I haven't heard of any reliability issues with them since the mars II series but if you wait here a few minutes someone will post about their older mars breaking down because quite a few did. That goes for the mars 1 series as well.

    I think they've done a good job as a company addressing where those fixtures were falling short on reliability and correcting it. Who wants to deal with fixing lights and unhappy customers?
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  19. Is it possible that you haven't heard of HLG? They use the same diodes as Nextlight. I use two qb260's for my 4x4 flower area. I paid $285 each for them last year. The price went up to $325 if you click on unassembled. Horticulture Lighting Group 260 Watt Quantum Board LED Kit V2
    Not exactly breaking the bank. These are available at that price with the new qb288 version 2 with the all new Samsung 301b diode. These diodes outperform cree cobs in efficiency of output by a good 25%.
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