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Discussion in 'General' started by Pornstar Lungs, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. I was thinking earlier of a new term to summarize the general pot lingo.
    There is the term EBONIX right?
    How about HERBONIX....if you are confused think of how you talk or text a dealer or connect.

    Buyer---"Yo man you good?"
    Dealer---"Yea man what you need?"
    Buyer---"Umm....I'll get a dub."

    Maybe its not clever and Im just high...

    Happy Tokin' GC:smoke:
  2. ummm.... you didn't use it in your example?
  3. its funny you post this cause were creating a new term right now.i think theres 10 slots open for new suggestions so go over there and post yours before its too late!
  4. he's saying we should call marijuana-speak herbonics.

    and i agree, herbonics is good. though marijuanics has a ring to it as well... and it might be a little counterintuitive to use "herb" in the name, since the word "herb", in reference to weed, would technically fall under herbonics... but then again if you don't know what "herb" means then you have no place using or mentioning herbonics...

    as long as we're all high i don't think anyone will care too much:smoke:
  5. oh haha my bad I misunderstood.
    regarding your point, but then marijuanics would fall under herbonics or marijuanics itself. so hmm.
  6. LMAO You are too high. you're right, he didnt use it in his example! I got a good chuckle. :hello::p
  7. i usually always think of weed when another weed smoker talks about ANY kind of plants, wether it be tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, etc.
  8. Sounds like someone had a shitty idea and got bored and wanted to share it.

    Naw, I'm just playin. But seriously, not the best name.

  9. =( qwerty
  10. Ha, we have something in common.:smoke:
  11. Uhhhh what?
  12. "I'm down to suck a dick"- Lets go get high with weed

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