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    Okay so i have gone through a few different tubes, nothing which i would have considered quality glass in particular. I have had experiences with single and double percs, beakers and straights. But i had the opportunity to hit a fixed arm manifest 9arm disc diffused double and i was pleasantly surprised. I had never hit anything like it before, and i can honestly say in my opinion Manifest Glassworks has redefined my idea of a waterpipe. Completely. so after trying his tube i decided to take my christmas money and treat myself to something. I tried a few of the manifest 6 arms, a lux mini 5 arm, and roors. Eventually i was about to settle on a piece --settle, not feeling completely in love with it-- and i asked to try just this last one which was a little above my price range. It was literally love at first pull. I only inspected it for 20 seconds max before knowing it was the one i had to get. On to the REVIEW [​IMG] So as you can see we have a 9 arm double perc with a splash guard and ice catch. I am REALLY satisfied with this. It milks like no other piece i have ever in my life tried, and i feel as if the high achieved by it is on absolutely another level. [​IMG] [​IMG] I really feel like this tube gives me FULL CONTROL over my smoke. I can choose to take a woolen mammoth size hit or just a casual toker pleasantry. On top of that, all the smoke enters my lungs before a- it goes stale b- all at once in a solid white pole PRO's -milks fat -clears with virtually NO DRAG in a very quick amount of time -THICK glass -Splash guard works excellently -perc can sustain a reasonable amount of melted ice catch water for a bit so you dont have to maintain the level TOO often during a fat session -smooth glass, and nice quality weight CON's -Perc is starting to become tainted with the hashy colored resin we all know. I am very surprised this is happening so soon. This problem probably would have been avoided had my mgw ash catch not BROKE RANDOMLY on my way home. though it was packaged perfectly in my opinion. But im an optomist and believe in karma so i have put it behind me, and to rest with the broken piece which drove me to get this tube in the first place. --side note on this ash catch breaking: dont get me wrong, it was nice thick glass, the clear version and somehow when i got home one of the arms inside was clanking around. I have a friend who had an arm break, and have noted that i have seen just a couple other people have the same problem online. But my water piece is in perfect quality :) other than my complaint about the 9arm area becoming dirty and the ash catch, i really dont think theres anything else i find negative about this piece. ----------- Its a great great great daily piece, and maybe i will pick up something the filter it better down the road, but its awesome as is. would recommend to anyone!! [​IMG]

    DSCF3733.flv video by lethalHACK - Photobucket

    [ame=""]DSCF3735.flv video by lethalHACK - Photobucket[/ame] The milk vid is my room mate attempting to clear .6 in a snap, pretty intense, that 1 hit hotboxed our living room.
  2. Nice piece, i'm only seeing one perc though. And this is grasscity, did you mean TC ( first line)?
  3. Eh about the percs, i have always considered each seperate area where bubbling happens a perc area so to speak. I think of the female piece in the base resivour as perc 1 and the 9 arm as perc 2.
  4. yeah I have that exact same one. Had it for 2 days. The day I bought it I didn't use it because I clean my pieces before I use a new one. The 2nd day I washed the MGW with rubbing alcohol then rinsed it and shook the tube and heard the clinking sound. So I didn't even get to use it.

    Now you say one of the arms broke in the A/C. Makes me believe their new line of percs are shoddy. I have an older MGW with a 4 arm perc and they have taken a beating. Just be super super super careful cleaning that. I'd hate to see you have the same misfortune I had.

    I will not buy another new line of MGW with their 9-10 arm percs. They literally don't hold up to normal functional use.

  5. ....That would mean that every wet piece is perc'd..
    Those look exactly like TOROs

  6. Doesnt though, every water piece bubbles which is a synonym for percolating. Therefore something that percolates whether it be once, or twice, is perc'd?

    And yeah, they had toros there, but im not trying to spend 650 +, this one settled in under 4 bills.

    I will be careful with it. I had them fill it up with water at the store before, and now we have really broken it in. Im sure it will do just fine, come by my place and ill smoke you a bowl. We can match out of your 4 arm.
  7. man thats a real nice piece!! nice write up as well
  8. so i did some molly on NYE and i just smoked out of this piece and feel UBER high all over again.
    note- i had already smoked earlier from a spoon pipe only though
  9. siiick pickup man, i love the design and how fast that tube can be cleared, much love for the MGW's. i have the cap diffused to 9 arm perc one you speak of that was your buddies and its like breathing in a fresh breath of air, best piece ive ever owned, only comes out for special occasions haha. + 1 rep

  10. awesome, this one is SUPER similar to the cap diffused one except i find it pretty eaasy and quick to change the water in mine (not sure about the capped ones). and the cap acts as a nice ash catch, not that i have ass problems haha
  11. nice shit.. but are the percs reinforced? if not be careful wit it and it should last
  12. in which way do you mean are the percs reinforced? No more than any other piece i was viewing there. But they are THICK
  13. not to hijak a thread, but i completely agree with sleepingpeople, i just bought a MGW beaker style with 2) 5 tree percs in it, and i would have to say that for the money, its one hell of a deal! i'm kind of anal about cleaning it and its been cleaned pry 10 times in the 2 weeks i've had it and it seems pretty sturdy to me... my only complaint on the MGW stuff is the a/c i got, i have troubles getting water to stay in it....

  14. i have trouble getting the water to stay in any a/c

    but when i first saw this thread i thought you were talking about manifest disc in charlotte NC i was like "manifest makes bongs now.... sweet" but then i saw it and i was like "ohhhhhh"
  15. speaking of discs i like the disc diffused ones they make. I have cleaned mine over 10 times, and accidently bumped the circular base on the sink where i broke my room mates piece. this one didnt break or anything but i took that as a warning bump!

    nonethe less i have cleaned it like ten times as well already. The A/C's in general need splash guards it seems, but since mines broke i cant comment directly on theirs.

    thisguy im peaceful, if you feel you have info beneficial to this thread, by all means post it! No warning is needed

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