New Lux ^.^

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  1. I think its 14.5 inches tall?
    im not sure wat the joint size is but it looks a little less then 2cm?
    Its got five percs and came with diffuser and bowl.
    The bowl has Lux writen on it
    Had the ice clamps too, theres three of em.

    Can anyone tell me if they no anymore about my lux's height and joint size?
    haha im tryin to get an ash catcher too so gotta no the joint size

    Hopefully no one tells me this is fake =[
    I paid 250 for it

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    looks nice. Joint is 18.8mm. If you have doubts just clean the bowl and bring it, then you can match it. As long as it doesn't have any weed on it, it's totally legal.
  3. oh nice, thanks
    is there any difference between 14.5 and 18.8 besides size?
    is there other joint sizes?
  4. Of course there's a difference. An 18.8mm is bigger than a 14.5mm joint. As far as other sizes, I've only seen 18.8 and 14.5.
  5. Largest joint i have seen is a 29.2, or 22.2 i don't remember which one exactly. And then there are 9mm and 12mm joints for non gong pieces. But nice pickup for sure, is this your first high end piece?
  6. ik i said besides like maybe the bigger the joint the bigger the hit or sumthin idk.

    dangggg ahaha
    dude this is my first peice EVER lol
  7. Thank you for starting on the right foot of high end glass and skipping that god awful china glass! haha if i were you i would pick up a a/c asap to keep that bad boy looking clean. And it's one 5 tree perc btw, not 5 perc's ;)
  8. oh thanks haha im a noob
    ya man well i live in a county that doesnt allow headshops
    so i have to travel like an hour to a headshop
    theres one like 30 mins away but its shit
    im goin on a ski trip in liek two weeks and ill be passin by baltimore
    i hear baltimore has sum nice cheap headshops
    is this true? lol can u guys recomend any?
    i mainly want an ash catcher but a new bowl wudnt hurt either hah

  9. Nah, the joint has nothing to do with the smoke at all. It's just what looks/fits better on the bong. The oversized joint, which you have (18.8) is the most common these days, at least in my city. Just make sure you get thick glass if you're getting an ash catcher. My buddy bought a shitty ash catcher and it ended up breaking at it's joint. Waste of $50.
  10. i think any perception that the larger the slide joint is, the [insert adjective] the hit, is based upon the type of hit you get from the size of the actual joint welded to the tubing itself. Although I have used 14.5 pieces with bushing diffusers (18.8 > 14.5) on 18.8 tubes to try to restrict air flow a bit and make the hit a little smoother and it did the trick :p
  11. can u guys recommend any ash catchers?
    money shudnt be a problem i just want the best deal hah

  12. do you mean to say if the actual circumference of the joint weld to the tubing were bigger you would have more airflow?
  13. I believe there is an EHLE ashcatcher on the grasscity shop that is pretty cheap.
  14. cudnt find it. can u link me please? lol
    Bongs & waterpijpen - Pijpen - Dutch -
    thats all i found, grass city only has 6 ash catchers?? =[
  15. That's not what I was getting at (although that could be the case as well), I was referring to the gong joint that is attached to the actual joint (i.e. the only static gong joint on the tube)

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