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  1. Here is the new Lux; two percs, 18.8 joint, splash guard, ice pinches, beaker bottom.



  2. That's sick, I like luxs all except for the ice notches always being at the very top.
  3. Hahah, yah the ice pinches allow for like 1 or two ice cubes. I always try to fit more than I can in and people just shake their heads and call me pathetic haha. It is not too practical but those two ice cubes do wonders.
  4. If you did crushed ice you could probably fit more in there.
  5. If you dont mind me asking, how much did that run you? I know lux mini percs go for like 200ish but I really like that double perc.
  6. Yeah this is basically what I do.

    Bottom two layers of ice cubes and then fill the rest with finely crushed ice. That way it goes through the big cubes first for normal cooling, then "diffuses" it's way through the crushed ice. It will cool it off A LOT more because the smoke touches more ice than going through the big space in between normal big cubes.

    Definitely try it sometime (Although I don't know how much you could fit in that Lux)
  7. Use Sonic ice! It's the king of ice for bongs, and they will sell you a bag of it for only a few dollars (1.80 at my local Sonic). You can fit tons of it in a bong. The ice notches are there because they have to be above the percs, how else would you get the ice there?
  8. You wouldn't. It's the only possible place for them to be. I would like to have a few more inches on top of the ice pinches, as only one or two cubes can fit in. However, I like the idea of putting crushed on top yet there is only room for 1 and a half normal sized cubes =D. The tube ran me around 200, but I got a sick deal on it. I think normal retail is probably around 250-275. Overall its a sick tube, I did some comparisons with it last night against a RooR mini master (the yellow label 18 in fairmaster with icepinches and straight shot.) Overall the Lux dominated, you got slightly bigger rips off the RooR, and it cleared a tad faster but he milking time was the same. The smoke from the Lux is crazy smooth. I have intense asthma so I always cough like a rook, but the smoke after going through two diffusers, 3 tree percs (Toro ashcatcher ftw.) was almost like breathing air. The RooR on the other hand had be coughing my lungs out after small rips.

    EDIT: It's actually 3 diffusers, I forgot the stemless ashcatcher / bowl we were using ontop of the RooR ashcatcher is diffused.
  9. My lux actually holds a good amount of ice
  10. very nice! i know what u mean about the ice pinches not fiting enough ice i could only fit about 2 im my lux mini. but theyre overall great bongs, and smoke great even w/o ice
  11. Nice piece. I've got a mid/high level splash guard on my bong as well. I can fit about 5 ice cubes which seems to be enough with all the diffusion that is going on elsewhere.

    Next item for mine will be an ash catcher, I think those bring a lot of character to any piece.
  12. bro this is the exact bong i want...

    did you get it online or at a headshop?
  13. I don't think you could find any Lux's online. If you are desperate for online buying I would check craigslist (they have some tubes) or makeanoffer (they have some too.) I bought it straight from the source; dementia.
  14. They ARE NOT available online. You can search for as long as you can until your eyes are sore, but the only place you will find LUX Scientific is in a store

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