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New Lux Mini Perc (Pics+Milkshot)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dutchalicious, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. So i picked up a fat paycheck and decided to get myself a reward for working my ass off. I picked this up at Vibrations in enfield ct. On my way driving home i was too busy staring at my Lux sitting next to me and i hit something in the road and a couple min later my tire went.:mad: So while i was changing my tire in the rain :( just dying to get home and pop my new babys cherry, a state trooper stopped to help me. It was kind of funny since the box with my Lux was on my passenger seat. We changed the tire and I was on my way. This thing is amazing, the hits are so smooth.

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  2. thats an awesome video, where you wearing your tie dye shirt when the trooper helped you out? just out of curiosirty
  3. nah I changed because my other shirt was wet
  4. :smoke: milk; does the body good

    tight bong man
  5. nice! I like vibrations, but I find that the people at northern lights are nicer. Sick bong though man. enjoy that!
  6. Nice Leche
  7. beautiful LUX +rep.
  8. Sick bong man!
  9. Great choice, You cant go wrong with a Lux, And the beaker bottoms are bad ass.:bongin:
  10. i am heading to NYC tomorrow to visit my dad, i'm pretty sure i'll be coming back with a new Lux ;)
  11. How much did you pay for that bro, it looks like a sick ass bong? And nice milk by the way.
  12. It was marked 230 before taxes, dont regret a penny of it:smoking:
  13. that thing is fuckin sweet, gotta get me a lux.
  14. Congrats on the Lux. I have 2 of them myself. Very nice bongs I must say.
  15. Huge ass hit.
  16. lux is great, I just got a 24 inch. Would have gotten a mini bubble but they just feel too small after using an 18'' every day
  17. Where the hell can I get a LUX at? None of the headshops have em where I am( SoCal)
  18. i have been looking for one for about 8weeks now, cant seem to find them any on line and none of my local head shops has them, only crappy plastic ones :mad:
  19. That thing looks so cool! I wish I could get one in my country:(

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