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  1. Hey everybody so i am starting into cultivation and playing with different/new grow methods and i was wondering if i could get some feedback on how my little one looks, etc... I set into flower at 4 weeks from seed put in RW (early i know). Thanks for any feedback,tips, or advice. New at this so anything would be cool.[​IMG]

    Pic 1-Week 1
    Pic 2-Week 1
    Pic 3-Week 2
    Pic 4-Week 3
    Pic 5/6/7-Week 4

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  2. hey,
    I'm new too, just on my second grow, but I would have topped it by now ... also, just curious, why did you cut that set of branches/fan leaves off half way up???
  3. I havnt topped yet mainly because i am not going for quantity so much as i am learning tricks and extra stuff i can do so that while i am designing my actual system i can incorporate them into it. Hence the cut sections, i read somewhere on hear about defoliating and the way i figure it is cut what doesnt get resin on it, it helps the light permiate to the inside branches and nodes more. Also When should i top for future ref? Thx
  4. Your plant is way behind for 4 weeks in that system. You probably need to upgrade your lighting.

  5. some top before flowering, some early veg. my last plant i topped after the 3rd set of branches and ended up with 2 fat colas. if you top them young you can top more than once and increase budsites
  6. From seed to that is small? Before this i had never even seen a real plant other than dried goods, how big should it be? As far as lighting i have changed it since then and have noticed a little difference, also i am not doing a standard system by any means so that could be a factor in slow growth i.e. low nutrient amounts or something, not sure like i said im tryin to learn before i go spend any kind of money. Any advice or tips would be cool. Thx for any feedback
  7. I need to know more about your lighting to make suggestions.

    Type? Wattage? Spectrum? Distance?
  8. about 2 days ago or so i put in 4 26w(100w equivalent) 2700k cfl's and 2 6500k 26w (150w equivalent) cfl's. they are at about 3.5-4 inches above the top and circle around the plant itself.
  9. 2700K lamps provide a majority of their light not in the wavelength a plant can absorb. Red light is primarily used as a form of tricking the plant into making flowering hormones.

    Daylight CFL's in the 5000K to 7000K range will produce almost all of their light energy in a spectrum the plants can use. These bulbs are better suited for growing.

    So you can ditch all but one of your soft white bulbs. If you want a healthy and large plant increase the number of Day Light bulbs you have. Mix spectrums too. You have two 6500's, maybe try to add two 5500's, and a 7000 or 5000, and you'll be much better off.
  10. For veg the daylights are better however choraphyll (spelling) is used primarily at 430nm and 662nm where as 430 is a blue hue used primarily in growth where as the 662 is a red hue used in flowering thus the want to flower with more of a redish light which would be the 2700k soft whites. I did a little research on here and found a cfl guide that kicks ass and have done a lot of research as far as spectrums are concerned as I am making an led panel that utilizes 430nm,660nm, and 380nm .5w 10mm led's. I hope it works. Thx for the advice i am gonna try more daylights on another plant and compare notes on the two.

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