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  1. Hi, I'm new in this forum and in the "marihuana world".
    If you have a little bit of time and interest, I'll introduce myself by leaving my story here in this thread.
    I have never been really interested in marihuana, but some things have changed in my life recently.
    You see, two or three months ago I just broke up with my girlfriend (let's call her Leah, for example), after being together for 2 and a half years. Obviously, this really affected me, but that's not all. After the break-up, my friends supported me and helped me but not like they did "in the good old days" because when I started dating Leah, my friends and I grew apart. I distanced myself from them and I let our friendship weaken, because Leah was giving me all the love that I needed. Now, we have broken up and my friends no longer are as friendly as they were before, because of my selfish behaviour, because I only cared about me and forgot about them. I acted dumbly and now I feel lonely and a little bit sad every day. I no longer have a best friend, nor a girlfriend, and I feel like I'm not special to anybody. This just makes me feel... really sad and lonely. And in this situation, the only thing that I've found that lets me take a break from the sadness is marihuana. When I'm stoned I just stop caring about everything and I laugh and have a good time. I don't really feel happy but at least it makes it all more easy. So here I am, smoking almost every day and telling my story to the internet (I know that probably no one cares but I just wanted to let it all out) because I don't want to bother any of my friends with this sad shit. Life sucks, I hope that some day I'll feel happy again.
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  2. It may sound odd at the moment but realize that you are free too. Its tough but you can hang in there. Welcome to the forum and I look forward to hearing your input? :weed:
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  3. OH, so you come HERE with bother US????

    TOTALLY kiddin bro....I'll be honest....i didn't read your entire post....but i got the gist....welcome to the boards:gc_rocks::passing-joint:
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  4. Hey, thank you for the replies, I wasn't expecting anyone to actually text back.
    Actually, now that I let it all out I feel much better. Yesterday I also smoked with my friends and we had a good time together, so now I'm really doing better.
    I'll stick around, posting from time to time. This really seems a nice community, you know, 420 brotherhood!
    :toke: :passtheshit:
  6. you will definately be happy again keep smoking everyday all day like me its gotten me through some real hard times good luck peace

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