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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by nps4474@yahoo.c, Jul 21, 2007.

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    So my buddy has a small production company called Brutal Mediaworks, but he wants to create a branch that will tackle only horror and gore and stuff, low budget grindhouse type shit. This is a mock up, rough first attempt at a logo graphic idea. I had drawn the skull image a while back in pen, ran it through Photoshop, and played around with some type and stuff, whatta you guys think?
  2. its pretty cheesey to me. the filter and the eyes especialy. you guys should just find a dead animal and take a picture of it guts.
    just my 2cents
  3. you're asking, right? its not very scary! he kinda looks a little more trippy than scary to me, like he's thinking about getting high lol! :wave:

    i'm just commenting on the overall impression, the artwork is nice!
  4. IMO... not very good. not scary. I would definately do the picture of a dead animals guts.. preferably a deer.
  5. Thanks man, now I'm having second thoughts, I thought it worked pretty well, I agree, guts would be cool, (as suggested by others) but might only appeal to really hardcore types, not a bad idea though, I have a camera, maybe I should go look for some
  6. [​IMG]

    I posted this way back as a thumbnail, it's a sketch (started as a sketch at least) from a figure drawing class, Palmer was nice enough to critique it as part of an anatomy series I did, I wanted to work it into the logo somehow,but maybe the whole concept just doesnt work and isnt accomplishing what it's supposed to. Hmmm, maybe I just like skulls....:cool:
  7. reminds me of terminator
  8. logos should be as simple as possible, either in concept or economy of design.
    good logos are hard to do (i suck at it, my friend sticky-icky who seems to have only signed up to get a prize in the photo contest..... is quite good at logo design though), one always wants to make it more complicated than necessary and by the end it has barely anything to do with the company. im sure you've already started on another design :)

  9. Thanks Palmer, sage advice, Im gonna shelve this for a spell, see if anything better (simpler) comes to mind...:wave:

  10. I saw that too, though it wasn't intentional, I think thats what made me like it...
  11. Personally, I like the sketch much better than the photoshopped version.
  12. Personally, I think the sketch is badass.

    The photoshopped version leaves a lot to be desired. It lost a lot of detail, and the red glow is a little corny. Looks too Terminator-esque.

    I always enjoy your sketches though, they're very good :)
  13. Thanks Predator, your thoughts are welll articulated and much appreciated.:wave:
  14. Wow, I double posted and didnt even realize it. I must have been wrecked :eek:

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