New locally blown bong "minnesota legit"

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  1. Picked it up at the LHS for $80, and the new bowl was $25 (not shown). All very good quality :smoke:

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  2. DOPE. I'm a fan of buying local so props for that.

    I'd like to hit a stemless bong with no percs. I've hit a few pieces from that company, and they are... LEGIT!
  3. Thing is smooth as hell and clears like a dream. I love it.
  4. Great price for that. And good job supporting the local guys!
  5. Is there a perc on that piece?
  6. No :)
  7. Crazy I've never seen a stemless with no perc. Milk vid?
  8. Not mine. Not into stemless tubes like that but sounds fair for the price tag.

  9. Awesome man. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  10. yeah,think so,Great price for that. And good job supporting the local guys!thanks for your sharing[​IMG]
  11. I would take yours over the gravlabs one. I like the logo font on yours a lot and its length
  12. A friend of mine had a gravlab stemless, and I like this just as much. Perfect size and everything.
  13. love buying local
    its hard to find it here but ive managed two so far

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