New Lighters! (PICS!)

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  1. Well, I was recently on vacation in Las Vegas and while i was there i picked up a bunch of random cool lighters from little shops through out the strip.

    Enjoy! (Sorry about pics, taken from phone)

    Group Pic

    3 Lighters that have Leafs on them and flip open,
    2 w/ green lights


    Close up on Black one so you can see leaf better

    Close up on Second Row (flipped over)

    Close up on Third Row (Novelty Lighters)


    Close up on Pig Lighter (2 flames, 1 each nostril)


    Close up on Gun Lighter

    Close up on Grenade Lighter


    Well thats all of them. Let me know what you think.
  2. hey those are pretty cool! i like lighters. the pig kicks ass lol:hello:
  3. My girl has that silver torch lighter. That thing is a bitch to refill. I always end up spraying the shit all over the place.
  4. the grenade lighter is pretty cool. though i wouldnt use it in public. i heard about a guy that got shot while eating a pear (the fruit) cuz the police thought it was a grenade lol.
  5. Isnt that from Dane cook?
  6. ^^^ haha yeah but it really did happen.
  7. Those are some sick lighters. I know a few people that collect lighters, but you have some pretty unique ones.:D
  8. those are sick man
    i never seen one with a light in it like that
  9. Hell yeah man those are tight. The lighter in my sig is one I have it's pretty damn tight too
  10. I am assuming you weren't flying. I couldn't even get a bic through Vegas airport! They confiscated the bic, plus they searched my bag and swabbed it, and ran these white disk things through a computer. I wasn't panicked though. My stash was somewhere they'd never find it! :)

    I have a couple Las Vegas style lighters. One looks like a slot machine and it used to light up, it was cool. The other is round with water in it and it floats some dice around.

    Those are some awesome lighters! I especially like the sweetleaf.
  11. did you put your stash in your butt?
  12. LMAO! No, but close! :p BTW, EWWWWWW!
  13. hmmm taped to nut sac?
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    Hmmmm, I see a game emerging... How'd he do it?


    (Before you get all creeped out, let me clarify, I don't have balls). I thought the answer was obvious.

    How do you get lighters on the plane? They get detected when I walk through the metal detector in my pockets and show up on the xray in my carry ons. I always get caught with them.
  15. All those seem pretty cool but the pig one is pretty funny. The grenade one might be a bad idea to bring through an airport

  16. ...ohhhh
  17. i dare you to ask a cop if he needs a light while pointing that gun lighter at him!
  18. Ok i think i understand now.... nice nice
  19. I just throw all the lighters in my suite case.
    Not my carry on or pockets lol.
  20. Have the same pig lighter :rolleyes:

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