New light. Would you use?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by dudecheese, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Hi.

    I have heard of this lamp getting good results in a couple of weed tests, but have not seen pics or detailed info. It is being used in Quebec where it comes from apparently and we know the rep of their weed.

    I came across two growers online growing with it on another forum (if I find it again, I'll try to post it). One was a guy doing two tests, one on grape vines (now that's original) and the other on weed. In both cases he is comparing the Smartlamp to a 600 watt Hps favorably and says after about a month of growing that the smartlamp is giving the same results as his 600 watters. The other guy is testing two smartlamps and seemed to be about a month into his trial too -- so far he seemed happy.

    If you would like to follow an online grow test (tomatoes I know, but the flowering demands are the same) check out where they are testing the Smartlamp. It is early days, but so far it looks to be growing the tiny tim plant 50% faster than the Procyon test they did from what I can see from the photos.

    So I guess you could wait another month or two for these various results yourself or just plunge in.

    From what I have been reading up on led plant growth, the smart is the only LED that will be solid with the flowering phase of growth because it has extra leds (white, UV and IR) which are necessary for solid plant flowering.

    I posted elsewhere on here going over the differences between the types of led lights and the cost savings etc. Based on the number of hi-power leds in this one versus the competition it is the most powerful out there and the least expensive per watt.

    So if you do buy it, keep us informed how it goes.
  2. i don't think led's are ready for use yet. need more refinement. i think by the time led's a really worth buying/using, something like this will knock it right out of the market. check this out.
  3. that plasma bulb is pretty tight
  4. Damn thanks for the info, where the fuck did you find that plasma thing.
  5. I cant wait to see what the future brings to growing, more efficient and less hardware. That plasma bulb was awesome.
  6. yes that plasma bulb was unbelievable!
  7. Too bad he wants over a grand for it. :|
  8. This plasma thing looks awesome.
    Hopefully in a couple of years it will be available for the regular grower too. :)
  9. Those LED lights are way overpriced. LED's have been around forever, & are inexpensive to manufacturer....That is too much to spend.

    I would just buy a couple 1000 watt digital ballasts, & go that route. You will get much better lumens that penetrate the canopy further, & much better color rendering.

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