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  1. So I just got my sun master neutral deluxe metal halide. She's a 400 watter, and it doesn't say ceramic metal halide per say anywhere on the box, however it does say conversion, which from what I've read, seems to be the same? I was also under the impression that they can use a hps ballast as long as its magnetic and not digital, and finally on the light bulb package itself it reads "operate pulse start metal halide lamps on pulse start ballasts with sockets that can withstand a 4000 volt pulse. The substitution of standard (non-pulse start) metal halide lamps will result in poor performance and is not recommended,"

    Can anybody help?
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  2. Ceramic MH and MH conversion bulb are not the same thing, they are not even differentiating on the same issue.

    A MH conversion bulb means it can run off a HPS ballast (of matched wattage).
  3. damn sam, a 69 dollar ballast probably runs hotter than the devils crotch!
  4. do you know of any for around 100 that are decent??
  5. whatever you do go digital. these are cheapest used check craigs list and local grow stores.
  6. can you go digital with a mh conversion?
  7. i would definitely assume so, as you can use digital for hps.
  8. ok..what all do I need? when I by a ballast..say, this one

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    would these systems or other similar ones like it have all the necessary components so that when I get it and can install the system, screw the light bulb in, plug it in, and go?

    Or are their other components necessary like cords, or sockets...

    thanks for all your help guys really appreciate it.

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  9. Really need help...going to buy a ballast soon and need to know whats what about the systems and if I will need any additional help
  10. With a digital ballast you don't need to worry about "conversion" bulbs, a digital can run both a regular MH and a regular HPS. Digital also run quieter and can actually get more light out of the same bulb than a magnetic ballast can.
  11. ok...what about a mogul socket for the bulb? will it come with that or sold seperately?
  12. If it's just a ballast then typically it will not come with a socket. If it's a kit then it will.

    If a socket is paired up with anything it would be the reflector/hood.
  13. sockets come in hoods and they have a fucking crazy looking power cord that attaches to ballasts which have a crazy ass outlet.

    just to clear the air, you need
    1) HID bulb
    3) Reflector ( best if it has a glass plate closing the bottom and 6" exhaust port
    *** probably some 6" ducting and at least a 150 cfm fan for exhaust***

    happy buying, also, that ballast looked like it was a coil ballast that you posted recently.
  14. coil ballast as opposed to?
  15. have you read what we've been posting? If you want to make a smart purchase buy a digital ballast im un sub'd from this post peace
  16. ? I have been reading what youv'e been posting, however I'm no electrician and have honest questions about this as I have no I'm sorry man

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