New light and tent plants not adjusting well !!!

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    Thanks in advance
    So I ordered a tent and 400 watt light switch my girls to their new home but the next morning I open tent they look dead every branch bending over went brought a box fan helped a little tried the light again sane results so I just put the cfls in the tent and major results why would they respond in such a way here are some pics love to hear thoughts
  2. Can't upload pictures yet I will keep trying
  3. What are the temps? Do you have an extraction fan running?
  4. I have a box fan running
    Never had the light on yet for more than two hours cuz how they respond
  5. Could the light be to bright or strong cuz I put the cfls in the tent and they stand back up
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  7. 400 watt HP's for two hours fell over
  8. I have a box fan could the light change be the problem
  9. You'll need to exhaust the hot air, not just circulate it.
  10. What if I cut a hole in top of tent
  11. Doesn't it already have exhaust vents, or is it a homemade tent? You need a fan to exchange the air, the tent wont build up negative pressure on its own. You need something that will circulate it at every 2 minutes for a large room(8'x10'), or up to 2 times per minutes for a small tent(2'x2'-4'x4') to so if you have a 4'x4'x7' tent then that's 112ft cubed so you'll want at least a 225cfm inline or vortex fan and if you use a carbon filter you'll want to go even higher to compensate for the added resistance.
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  12. Thanks my girl asking when I'm getting the carbon filter anyway I'll get the fan with the carbon filter but till then should I use the cfls
  14. Do what you gotta do, but remember those plant perspire regardless of temperature so you gotta get them fresh co2 somehow.
  15. I changed the light to a 400 MH instead of HP's the like it better still standing[​IMG]

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  16. Think I had some root rot brewing put some aquasheild in res [​IMG][​IMG]

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