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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by A-Jay, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. HI to you all! A while ago a started my fist growing attempt. I got me some Druban Poison X Skunk, "high quality seeds". It's gonna be the last time I'll get some of those, only 1 out of 11 germinated like they were all supposed to, I'm still waiting for the others to pop through the soil. No lifesigns of them yet....but I allready ordered some Nirvana Shiva seeds just in case the other 10 will never see the light. Anyway the one that did sprout is looking very good (to my unexperienced eyes). It sprouted 5 days ago. Thought it would be nice to share it with you guys (and girls) :) Ain't it sweet..... :D

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  2. update with some new pics :)
  3. This one was made today. It's a little over 4" and almost 2 weeks since it sprouted. As soon as I get my new lights shipped, I will start a grow journal. :)

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  4. same sprout? nice! id go with some lst for height control and mutliple grow sites.

  5. Yeah same sprout.....the only one out of 11 (?!) seeds

    What do you mean...? :S Make it grow taller faster?...if thats what you mean I'd like to keep it a bit short, this strain is known to get pretty big.

    At the moment it's still under CFL's. In about 3/4 days I should get my lights shipped. A MH and a HPS. Gonna put it under the MH so I can finish vegging, and then switch to HPS. If it turns out to be female that is...we'll see. I just love to grow :) Also got some new shiva seeds on the way. Keep an eye on the grow journal board if you're interested ;)
  6. hey man! ill keep an eye for ya in the journals! i saw that you kinda want to control the height of your plant? ill tell you a little about lst or low stress training. its just an alternative to topping or fimming. it helps produce multilple grow sites and keeps your plant short and bushy. its pretty simple, youll prolly want to wait till your plants about 6 inches since you havent tried this form of training yet. you just take a twistie tie, tie it to the top of the plant, right underneath the newest set of forming leaves. you than pull that grow tip down towards the bottom of the plant. take the other end of the tie and secure it to the main stem. the main grow tip basicaly is facing towards the soil. dont worry about it, it will redirect itself towards the light. youve effectively exposed the mainstem to all the light, allowing the bottom growth to get some of that light. you will be awarded several times over. when the main growth tip starts taking over again in height just retie it down again. repeating this with any other tops that get higher than what you want them to get. take a look at the first couple of pages of my current journal. in detail i talk about lst and you can see i used cfls for veg. i needed to keep my plants a certain height during veg and through lst i accomplished my goal. heres a crappy paint picture as an example

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  7. Will this method affect my yield?? Height isnt that much of a problem, as long as they don't grow taller than the room (about 2 meters). Light shouldn't be a problem either since I'm gonna get rid of the CFL's soon.
  8. yes it will effect yield. if you grow the plant straight up, the top most part of the plant benifits from all the light. all the fans, unless you start removing them block the light from getting to the lower canopy, giving you smaller popcorn size buds. thats find and dandy, but why not give those lower sites the same opportunity as the main stem? by tying the plant down, youre just distributing light more evenly over your canopy. giving almost equal amounts to all sites. more sites= more bud, evenly distributed canopy should evenly size nugs.

  9. Okay, you got my attention now... But is it harder to keep the plant healthy this way? This is my first time so I don't wanna start off with the complicated stuff. Anyway I'm gonna get some more information on this one. Thanks for the advise!
  10. from the picture above, the green sites become branches that end up supporting your buds. heres one of my plants that ive lst

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  11. But weed can grow several feet tall right? What happends to plant if it's like 2 months old? Wont it stun the growing process? Sorry if I want to know too much, just very curious :)
  12. you dont have to worry if the plant is going to get sick from the training, if anything it beefs it up, provided you continue to do everything you were doing before. its not complicated either, eventually, you will start looking for ways to increase your yield. this is one method that doesnt require you to remove plant parts. i think thats to stressful to a plant, unless youre pruning. here's another picture, i jus took it of my mother, she's a lil over a month old from cut.

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  13. as you can see, its still going to grow, you jus control which way. this is only during veg though. outdoors, it wont really matter, people do still do some sort of training, probably nothing as agressive as lst. ive kept a mother lst for over 8 months. she is currently flowering now. during flowering, you just let everything go, you cant stop that flowering stretch, but after the stretch, you may have to retrain or retie kolas so they are not blocking others from light.
  14. Okay I'm gonna think about this method...still gonna wait a little while, like the 6" you said. I might get back to you at the time...thanks for the info so far
  15. no problem. glad to help :D
  16. Okay it's time for a little update again. I think I'm going to start a journal soon (1-2 weeks or so). In the meantime I got a few questions about the plant.

    To get back at the LST method, I don't think it's going to work. No way I'm going to be able to bend like that. The thing is about half an inch think, try to bent that :) Maybe it's an option when she gets like 8-10" (could be too late then). Did anyone encouter the same thing when they wanted to LST? I don't know how flexible the stems are but the way it looks now I think the stem could snap when I bent it like that.

    I also think I'm going to use this plant as a mother, if it turns out to be a girl that is. It's just doing so amzaingly good.. What age should the plant be to take clones? I was figuring about a month.

    What about fertilizers? I've read quite some about it now but I'm still not sure wheter I should start adding. "If it ain't broke dont fix it" was my final conclusion on that one. So I think I'll wait a little longer untill they start showing any signs...

    Last quetion is a leaf question. All the leafs on the plant are looking good and healthy except for the bottom two on the very first no. They curled up a bit and they look a little messed up. On this one I think they are not getting enough light. I'm still using CFL's (total: 89watts. in 1-2 days my 600 Watt NM and HPS should arive). And I was thinking I might be good to cut them but I'm not me out on this one. Below a few pics of the plant.

    (Is it possible to add more images in one post? I know you can link to them but can you actually upload more than 1 image per post? (like the have on the OG forums))

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  17. Close up of the stem. Sorry for the fuzzyness, the camera kept focussing on the leaf behind...

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  18. And the entire plant. my camera was being a bitch today, and I think this is the best picture showing the curled leafs (the front one is a bit worse than the one on the back of the picture). Its a little darker than the other leafs on the plant, but not brown/yellow. Just dark and they look a little old.

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  19. HIGH All, nice A-Jay...I wouldn't worry about the two bottom the plant grows it uses up what the leaves have and it's usally the bottom ones that start first...mmmm...think of it as the Ultimate sacrifice.

  20. So they'll just die off (or O.F.F.F :D)? On the first picture btw, you can see on the right leaf change of color on the leafs, going from light green directly to dark? Is the light green gonna go yellow?

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