New life changes. New job. Ultra sound pics and more.

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    So My wife and I had to quit our job as a male nanny and nanny. Due to her having placenta previa.
    I got a new job so she can take it easy all day at home.

    I turned and application in last Saturday night at subway, got an interview Monday and started work Wednesday. At subway.
    Any one else work at subway?

    I worry about my wife a lot. I used to being around her 24-7. Now I'm not, I worry about her and the baby a lot while at work. Sometimes I cry while cutting vegetables randomly.
    I miss her a lot and worry a lot. Hopefully this will pass.

    Any life tips guys?
    Btw I'm 21. We just have a strong bond and the worrying about the baby makes me emotional.

    Anyways here's our first ultra sound pictures:) by the way the pictures are from 11 weeks. She's now 13. When I heard the heart beat and saw the baby dancing around like crazy, I almost cried.

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  2. Yeah, that job better be paying boatloads. 
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    Subway isn't a career. I have a rather hefty savings. Rent is always paid. Phone bills are always paid. We eat good.
    I'm still looking for a different job.
    But I'll make around 1000-1200 a month at subway. Rent is 425 with all utilities included in that price. It's a nice 2 bedroom apartment. Nice neighborhood and all. Right across the highway from subway btw. No need for gas to get to work :)

    Some people are In worse financial situations than us. I am extremely thankful for where Were at. God bless.
    While it's awesome that your current financial needs are met, you should expect your expenses to triple at the very least when your child is born. It might be necessary to seek a second, or third job.
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    I agree. But we'll be good. It's not a debate. I could go into details but I'd rather not bore anybody.

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