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    high there folks,

    so i was surfing the web and stumbled across a headshop that carried liberty glass dry sandblasted spoons. they went from 60-120 dollars. heres the one i got, sweet glass on glass and colors, not to happy with glass thickness(my other heady spoons are rock solid). anyway the first hit tasted so fine like red red wine.....503 represent liberty

  2. thats real dope. nice buy
  3. Sick pipe, but personally I would buy a bong for $120
  4. i got this one for $60....i have many bongs...only one pipe so i decided on this piece
  5. That's pretty cool.
  6. Looks nice. Too bad it's not borosilicate.

  7. why do u have to bring negative vibes man? i enjoy my piece....

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  8. I enjoy your piece too bro. Thanks for posting :)

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