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  1. Hi everyone, I just set up my tent with my mars Hydro 600 and in-line carbon fan that's 200 CFM a clip on fan, and a booster fan. With my in-line carbon filter fan it came with the bracket for me to put it on the wall but there's no way I could do that it's from Apollo the same with the tent. It's going to get so hot in here I'm going to fry my plants they do have three Velcro events at the bottom I'm taking them off so it could get some air in there!!! I have my 600 marsHydro it's 27 inches from the top of my auto flower does anyone recommend how high it should be from the top of my plants? Here are some pictures I really appreciate any help.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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    You should be able to hang the fan & filter with bungie cords and/or zip ties from the supports up top. For the light distance, I believe the official recommended distances (from MarsHydro) are as follows:

    Seedling: 24-30"*
    Veg: 18-24"
    Flower: 12-18"

    *Edit: 24-30", not 36" as previously stated*
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