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  1. I just received a sylvania led light from a buddy who said he never got to get started growing. I'm currently on my 3rd cfl grow. I have 4 lights for veg and 4 for flower in cfl. 125, two 65s and one 42. I was wondering if this light was any good for one and 2 I was wondering if it would be worth replacing my 42w veg light. Here is a couple pics of it. One being the information on the bulb. I've searched quite a bit online and can't find much about par lights and very little on this specific light. Any advise or info will help!!! Thanks

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  2. If you look real close it says 17 watts. I'd keep the 42 watt. Or just add it as side lighting

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  3. From what I can read watts in led are different than cfl. That's what had me confused. And from the looks that led is 10x brighter than cfl. That's why I came here for advise from you guys.
  4. Led vary but even at double draw from the wall. 34 w equivalent ish.

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  5. Oh ok. Sorry for the misinformation. Haven't done much research on leds

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  6. Say its 200w draw at the wall, its will be around 400w equivalent ish.

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  7. If you take off the diffuser and had about 4 of em I'd rock those over cfls. Dont get me wrong ive grown with cfls and they r nice for veg i have 4 65w ones and only use 2 of em but it would get so hot so i had to use extra fans. I just recently switched to led for veg and having pretty good results. I diy'd my led light but was looking at the ones u r showing and make a concoction of those led bulbs. They r decent id add it in and try to replace your cfls one by one

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