New LED Grow Advice Needed

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by yanksfanelite, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. I currently grow 3 plants in a 3 1/2'x3 1/2'x 6' grow box with a 250 watt MH/HPS grow light.  I am looking to replace this with one LED grow light that can also maintain 3 plants successfully within this grow box from seed to harvest.  My budget is around $300 give or take which I am hoping is enough to buy what I need to grow 3 plants.  Any and all advice/opinions are appreciated and I look forward to everyone's input.  Thanks ahead of time!!!

  2. In for answers. In a previous thread I was told to go with a 900w LED for a similar sized tent. Personally, I think I will try to get away with a 700w to save $80.
  3. mars II 700w LED is what i went with. $310 on ebay. havent started using it yet, but price/reviews made it feel like a no-brainer. its solidly built and is really, really bright. like sunglasses dont do shit bright.
    This is exactly the light I was wanting to get. You think it will be sufficient for a 3x3x6 tent? You chose the 700w over the 400w? Did you buy it new or used? I was going to try to score one on alibaba.
  5. i bought it new on ebay. was looking for something like a 400w, but the 700w was so affordable i went big. the specs say its meant for a 3.5'x3.5' space, i plan on buying your exact size tent for the grow.
  6. What tent you going with? I'm gonna get a Secret Jardin Darkroom II.
  7. not sure. i havent started looking for one yet.
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    If not buy another one when you can haha. It's like 360 true watts isn't it so already more then your old one. I'm going from a 250HPS to two 400's in a similar area. Would the 2nd owner still be able to use the warranty?

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